Where to buy tours in Montenegro

Montenegro invites tourists to explore a variety of natural places, get acquainted with ancient architecture and cultural customs. A variety of sightseeing routes around the country makes it possible to spend a trip bright and unforgettable. It is only necessary to decide where it is more profitable to buy tours in Montenegro: from a hotel guide, in a street Bureau or an Internet Agency.

Travel to Montenegro should not be limited to a passive beach holiday, because the country has much more to offer than a warm sea and wide stretches of Golden sand. Natural and architectural sights are very unique-they are a kind of symbols that are known far beyond the borders of Montenegro.
Ancient castles, colorful architecture and many ancient temples and monasteries. This is all the real Montenegro, which you can see live, going on a trip to the local expanses.
You just need to decide where to buy tours in Montenegro, optimal with price and quality. Yes, so as not to be deceived in the expectations of what you saw.

Contact the hotel guide


  • Trips along the route on a new and comfortable transport;
  • Strict compliance with the inspection plan, good organization of tour groups on the route;
  • Excellent information support — no question will remain unanswered


  • It is not possible to plan excursions before arriving in the country;
  • The highest prices for excursions;
  • Very little time at the stops of attractions;
  • Large tourist groups on the routes;
  • Following a clear inspection plan, guides are not creative;
  • There are no guarantees that the tour will turn out as promised.

Buy a tour in a street Agency


  • Affordable prices for excursions-lower than the hotel guide;
  • It is easy to buy any tour you like, just by going to one of the agencies;
  • Small tourist groups;
  • Rich excursion programs;
  • Sightseeing on comfortable transport.


  • It is not possible to plan an excursion program before arriving in Montenegro;
  • There is no possibility to return money for an unused tour, in case of unexpected situations;
  • Low level of organization of tour programs and the level of knowledge of guides;
  • The guides do not speak in English, they can forget the tourist on the tour;
  • Limited time for sightseeing stops;
  • Sell products on excursions that have no tourist value, at inflated prices;
  • Little time for stops, most of the time on the road;
  • Buses often break down, it is difficult to plan the time and watch the entire program;
  • Transport is not always comfortable;
  • The group often has Russian speaking clients and the guide duplicates all the information;
  • There is no information support.

Book a tour at an online Agency


  • Possibility to plan your vacation in advance by booking tours before your arrival in Montenegro;
  • Minimum prices for tours, due to the high level of competition among online tour agencies;
  • Freedom of choice — you can buy group tours in Montenegro, and you can choose individual ones-up to 2-4 people on the route;
  • High professionalism and creativity of licensed guides, who not only provide basic and additional information on attractions;
  • Trips only on comfortable transport;
  • High level of organization;
  • There is no sale of products on excursions, honey and rakija, we strongly recommend not to buy fakes;
  • Rich and exciting programs, more stops on the route;
  • All tickets are included in the price;
  • Mostly round-the-clock information support;
  • Possibility to find out everything about the future tour on the website, full compliance with the program.
  • Minuses:

    • None

Fewer and fewer tourists use the services of hotel guides to buy excursions in Montenegro every year. The reason becomes clear if there is something to compare the quality of service and cost. The latter is significantly higher than what is offered in street agencies and online tour bureaus. And the saturation of programs and their quality remains at the same level. This is added to the large tourist groups on the route and the inability to plan excursions in advance.

If you do not want to contact the hotel guides, then the other option left after your arrival in Montenegro are street agencies. At first glance, the best way to buy excursions in Montenegro and see local attractions, paying much less than a hotel guide. However, there are also disadvantages. First, excursions are organized spontaneously, taking into account the remaining days of rest. Secondly, to choose a suitable Agency, you sometimes have to go around several points. And third, the main drawback — the level of knowledge of guides is not confirmed by anything.

Booking tours in Montenegro in 2020 through the website of the tour desk is a common thing for those tourists who are well-suited to plan their holidays, spending and expectations.

Even before the trip, you can go to the website of the tour Agency, where you can find a fixed price, program, information about the type of transport and guide on the route. Here you can find additional information through the feedback form and book excursions directly on the site.

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