Sightseeing tours
The most versatile option is a sightseeing trip, during which tourists visit the brightest sights. Such routes often pass through the Bay of Kotor. As a result, tourists have time to visit Cetinje, Kotor, Perast, on the Island Our Lady of The Rocks. The path runs through the beaches and mountain areas. The destination is ideal for beginners and experienced travelers who have already been to these areas. Those who have long been familiar with the beauty of the resort, should contact a personal guide.
Active holidays
In Montenegro, you can organize any kind of active holiday. Here is an amazing coast, and the depths of the Bay and the Adriatic sea are just calling you to dive with a mask or to go for scuba diving. There are a lot of divers in Montenegro, right on the spot you can learn everything and rent equipment. Similarly, vacationers can organize rafting on the Tara river. Rafting is available during the summer, when the flow becomes more calm. Even on the territory of Budva Riviera locals organize flights with a paraglider. It is a safe area with the perfect landscape for such flights. The first flights are happening with an instructor, landing at the sandy beach.
Group tours
In Montenegro, corporate parties are very popular, as well as organized groups. For such tourists, we can organize a vacation with a guide. Vacationers can decide on their own route and choose a certain direction. When it comes to such tours, the emphasis is on one or two specific places. For example, you can choose the Canyons of Montenegro and spend time in the area. There is an opportunity for extreme rest and just for contemplation of natural beauty. You can go to neighborhood countries to make the corporate party even more memorable. Your holidays will leave unforgettable feelings.
Private tours
Private tours are attractive because tourists can decide on the points of the route. They choose when to start, where to stop and how long. Guide in this tour - just an accompanying. Of course, each tour has a time frame, but this point can be discussed with the guide. Private tours are more expensive, but they are more intense. They are designed for a different number of tourists. Basically, these tours are chosen by people who know each other well. They can be colleagues, relatives, friends. Private tour offers opportunities for a wonderful holiday.
Package deals
Sometimes tourists come to Montenegro for just a few days. In this case, they can consider our package offers. As part of this tour for two days, the vacationer will be able to visit the most beautiful places in the country. They will see many natural attractions, old cities, unusual architectural structures and shrines. After this tour there are only positive impressions. At any moment on each of those places you can take pictures and selfies. During the trip, the guide tells about all the most interesting places. Package tourists can come back later like an option or you can choose one of the specialized tours.
Pilgrimage tours
Pilgrimage tours are intended for believers. In Montenegro there are fertile places like Zeta Athos, the monasteries of Cetinje and Ostrog. Each place has a special atmosphere. To visit the temple complexes it is enough to be a part of the group. The group tour has its advantages - some temples do not show all the sights if they were visited by several people. It may be too difficult for the inhabitants of the monastery. If vacationers arrive with a group and a guide, they will see all the artefacts at the monastery, including the relics of saints and martyrs that are stored there.
Neighborhood countries
Balkan countries are very picturesque and peculiar, today tourists can visit them from Montenegro. To visit countries such are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, people from most of the countries are allowed to access without a visa. Trips to the Balkan countries will make your holiday even more vivid and memorable. You can see not only the old towns with different architectural attractions, but also natural beauty. Neighborhood countries can hardly be called European or Eastern - they merged Western culture and Eastern traditions, creating just one.

Tour to in Montenegro: the best tours

Tour to in Montenegro from Budva, Petrovac, Tivat, Becici, Herceg Novi, Bar are very popular among tourists. Coming here, the traveler can open the edge from a new side. Much depends on the city from which the excursion begins. We offer a wide range of destinations.

Tours in Montenegro 2019: prices and description

Montenegro has the small territory but it is a real storehouse for tourists. Here it is easy to relax in nature, do extreme sports, visit ancient objects — secular and religious. Group and individual tours in Montenegro are conducted along the routes that run through the:

Tara and Moraca canyons;

Moraca Monastery;

Kotor -city with 2000-thousand-year history;

The capital of the country Podgorica;

Ski resort Zabljak;

Durmitor- National Park;

Budva, Herceg Novi, Cetinje;

Cetinje monastery;

Ostrog monastery;

Bay of Kotor;

Tivat, Petrovac.

Not all the sights of the country are available to visit. Visitors have the opportunity to choose their own destinations, taking into account the specifics of the holiday.  During some tours there are more cultural attractions, some include extreme sports such as rafting. If vacationers already seen everything, they will approach a tour from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Italy, Serbia and other countries. Neighborhood countries you will enter easily and quickly.

Best directions

Many people are looking for excursions in Montenegro, which must be visited. At the first acquaintance with the country when you are opening the country as a tourist, it is recommended to visit a group- general tour. The ride takes you through the main attractions such are the Canyons, Podgorica, National Park Durmitor, monasteries. The route may include additional attractions.

Bus tours are very popular in Montenegro. The bus should go from Budva towards the capital of the country and the canyons. Bus tours depart from the resorts of Tivat, Kotor, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and other cities.

Individual options should be recommended to tourists who have already visited at least the most visited tours. They are formed taking into account the interests and needs of a particular group of people. You can choose several interesting places or one place where you want to go. Often for individual tours people choose Durmitor Park, which is included in the UNESCO List. In Durmitor they are many natural attractions, the Park is located near the resort of Zabljak.

The cost of tours to in Montenegro in English in 2019

Tours to in Montenegro in winter and summer are conducted in English and other foreign languages — depending on the chosen guide. The cost of them this year has not changed. Travelers can enjoy the old prices without overpaying for the rest. Prices depend on the features of the route. Group tours are always cheaper than personal ones, but the last ones are more convenient.

The price includes a stay at the hotels on vacation. For additional money, tourists can visit cafes and canteens, buy souvenirs, get tickets for entertainment like a trip on the zip line on Tara canyon. Prices remain very attractive even for people looking for a budget holiday. It is not necessary to spend time at home — a trip abroad is available almost for everyone.

Benefits of guided tours

Tours to the Canyons of Montenegro are collecting  mainly positive feedbacks. There are several reasons to choose a professional guide. Traveling alone, the tourists risk. They do not know the area, and in the mountains it is pretty critical. You can get lost or get into a difficult situation. Into the mountainous areas  sometimes there are collapses too.

An experienced guide will not allow this. He will guide travelers carefully by choosing the safest route. Serious and dangerous situations are excluded. It will be safe to travel through the mountainous terrain by bus. Often travelers have to overcome kilometers to get to the object. But they enjoy the views outside the bus window — they are truly picturesque. The area surrounding the travelers is characterized by natural beauty.

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