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Budva and Sveti Stefan

Budva and Sveti Stefan are business cards of Montenegro. Here are the best sandy beaches, the beauty of Budva Riviera, historical buildings and cultural attractions. The tour begins with a walk through Old Budva where all medieval buildings are concentrated, including old houses, temples and churches.

1-4 people 90 Euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
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Included in price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and parking
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Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English-speaking guide
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What to take:

  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • duration is 2+ hours
  • suitable for all ages

An tour to the old Budva and Sveti Stefan Island are held for a variety of tourists. People come here to see the sights, take a walk along the Old Town, relax on the beaches and parks, and look into museums. Budva is full of romance and a historical past. As part of such a sightseeing tour in Budva in English, vacationers visit the island of Sveti Stefan.

The tour starts from the streets of old Budva-a resort that is more than 2500 years old. Previously, the locality was called Butua. The center of attraction for tourists is the Old city, called Civitas Antiqua. It has preserved artifacts and buildings that belong to different eras. There were Roman and Illyrian periods in history. Budva attracts travelers with its rich tour program. Even when visiting Budva, vacationers are immersed in a special atmosphere. They can get acquainted with the main sights of the ancient city: the fortress walls, the citadel, the embankment, temples, museums, houses in the old style. It is worth taking a break from the routine and getting into the spirit of the past. Walking through the streets of the ancient city, tourists travel through time.
Excursion to Budva
Panorama of Budva
Excursion evening Budva
Budva riviera, coast of Montenegro
Church of Holy Virgin Mary in center of old town Budva, Montenegro
buildings of old church in old town of Budva, Montenegro
Old Town in Budva Montenegro
Citadel in Budva
Tours to Sveti Stefan in Montenegro include a panorama of the island, a view of the spit connecting the island and the mainland. Tourists are brought closer — the island looks spectacular from any distance. This is a closed private resort with expensive villas, but vacationers can admire the old houses. They were restored and updated not so long ago, but they look quite authentic. No one will notice the difference between vintage and modern finishes. There are Islands of greenery between the houses.
You can arrange a photo session with the panorama of Sveti Stefan island. You will get unique photos with a beautiful and unusual background. Tourists will be offered a rest with a view of the island and the surrounding water area, walking in these places. The water in these places is turquoise and clear. Saint Stephen is the pearl of the Budva Riviera. It seems that the houses on the island are very close to each other. In fact, there is a distance between them, and it is noticeable if you get closer. Houses-hotels-objects of the old medieval architecture of Montenegro. They are protected by the law. The guide will tell tourists about the fascinating history of the island and the appearance of buildings in these places.
Excursion Sveti Stefan
Canvas chairs on the beach
Sveti Stefan island in Budva in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro.
Beach in Montenegro
Milocer Park is located not too far from the island of Sveti Stefan. The Park is a unique place for recreation, considered elite. The territory of the Park is only 500 meters from the most respectable of hotels. Tourists can visit this place without staying in an expensive hotel.
Milocher was founded in 1934. Milocer Park, the resort town, the Botanical area. Places are provided for private residences and territories for tourists. Taking a map, you can see where the private property is located. If travelers are resting as a group, the guide will guide them through the most beautiful places in the Park. At the same time, vacationers will not interfere with anyone. In Budva there are old stone buildings — the old castle, in the old days there was a rest of the Royal family. You can reach the Park from Sveti Stefan island on foot. If you want to relax after a walk, then the beaches are just around the corner. Nearby are the most luxurious of the Montenegrin beaches.
View on park and mountains in Milocer, Montenegro

Private tour of Budva and Sveti Stefan island

Budva and Sveti Stefan look like complete opposites. Budva is a popular tourist city with a vibrant night life and affordable prices. Sveti Stefan is an elite resort for the elite. However, both sites are perfectly combined in one tour. A private tour of Budva and the island of Sveti Stefan is an opportunity to appreciate the attractions of both resorts.
During an individual tour to the island of Saint Stephen, you can see the spectacular panorama of the resort. This is one of the business cards of Montenegro. Against the background of old houses and the blue sea, you get just amazing pictures. To get a closer look at the architecture of the island, you can walk along the spit.
Personal tour takes into account the wishes of tourists. A special sightseeing program has been developed for such cases. Individual approach is a guarantee that no one will rush you. You can stay longer at certain points on the route.
An experienced guide knows everything about these places. Even tourists who have already been to Budva and near the island will discover something new. You can endlessly enjoy the natural and man-made masterpieces of these places.
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