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Budva and Sveti Stefan

Budva and Sveti Stefan are business cards of Montenegro. Here are the best sandy beaches, the beauty of Budva Riviera, historical buildings and cultural attractions. The tour begins with a walk through Old Budva where all medieval buildings are concentrated, including old houses, temples and churches.

1-4 people 80 Euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
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Included in price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and parking
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Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English-speaking guide
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What to take:

  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • duration is 2+ hours
  • suitable for all ages

An tour to the old Budva and Sveti Stefan Island are held for a variety of tourists. People come here to see the sights, take a walk along the Old Town, relax on the beaches and parks, and look into museums. Budva is full of romance and a historical past. As part of such a sightseeing tour in Budva in English, vacationers visit the island of Sveti Stefan.


The tour starts from the streets of old Budva – a place that is more than 2500 years old. Previously, the town had the name Butua. The center of attraction for tourists is the Old City, called Civitas Antiqua. It contains artifacts and buildings, objects that belong to different epochs. There were also Roman and Illyrian periods in a very huge history of the city. Cheap tours to Budva from Moscow and St. Petersburg attract travelers with a rich excursion program. Already when visiting Budva, vacationers are immersed in a special atmosphere. They can familiarize themselves with the main sights of the ancient city: the fortress walls, the citadel, the embankment, temples, museums, old-style houses.
It is enough to buy a tour to Budva from Moscow to get away from the routine and feel the spirit of the past. Walking through the streets of the ancient city, tourists travel through the time.

Excursion to Budva
Panorama of Budva
Excursion evening Budva
Budva riviera, coast of Montenegro
Church of Holy Virgin Mary in center of old town Budva, Montenegro
buildings of old church in old town of Budva, Montenegro
Old Town in Budva Montenegro
Citadel in Budva

Tours to Sveti Stefan in Montenegro are in demand: guests want to see a unique elite resort town; it is a symbol of the country. On the territory are the most luxurious restaurants, hotels and shops. The resort is surrounded by pristine beaches. To enjoy the special atmosphere, it is not necessary to stay in the most expensive hotels. It is enough to get to the island and take a walk.
After Budva, guests will go to the island and a walk around the neighborhood. Vacationers have to look around, visit famous temples, see architectural treasures. There are three major churches: St. Stephen, Alexander Nevsky and the Assumption of Our Lady.
People are interested in the local art gallery. Shopping fans can visit boutiques and shops. Gourmets are given the opportunity to visit expensive restaurants.
Unique buildings are everywhere. House-hotels scattered across the territory are priceless – these are the objects of medieval architecture. Today the houses have been restored and used for settling guests. The rest in the hotel is quite expensive, the expenses are paid off by the special atmosphere. By organizing excursions to these places, guides allow tourists to save up the money.

Excursion Sveti Stefan
Canvas chairs on the beach
Sveti Stefan island in Budva in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro.
Beach in Montenegro

Milocer Park is located near the island of Sveti Stefan. The park is a unique place to relax, usually for very rich people. The park is located just 500 meters from the most respectable of the hotels. Tourists can visit this place without stopping at an expensive hotel. Milocer was founded in 1934. Milocer is a park, a resort city, a botanical zone. Private residences and tourist areas are also provided. Taking the map, you can see where the private property is. If travelers relax as a group, the guide will take them to the most beautiful places in the park. In this case, vacationers will not disturb anyone around.
Stone buildings are well preserved in Milocer – the old castle, in former times royal families rested here. You can get to the park from the island of Sveti Stefan on foot. If after a walk you want to relax, then the beaches are next to the park. Also nearby you can find the most luxurious beaches of Montenegrin coast

View on park and mountains in Milocer, Montenegro

Organized recreation 

It is better to rest here with a guide, here are a few reasons. Sveti Stefan is a city-hotel, an elite luxury resort. Outsiders are allowed here, but with a guide it will be more reliable. The guide will show where you can relax freely, and which areas are private. Without the help of a guide, travelers will miss some interesting things. Everything is not visible at first sight. Separate objects are available for a small additional charge. There are expensive private beaches on Sveti Stefan and not far from Milocer Park. To rest on some, you have to pay a decent amount for renting a sunbed. Professionally organized vacation is a tour, which takes into account all the details, but still there is a place for pleasant surprises. Guides will make your trip unforgettable. After the rest there will be photos - you can take pictures almost everywhere, and you will also have a good mood and new impressions.
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