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Budva-secrets of the Old Town

A tour of the old town of Budva will be of interest to all travelers. Tourists will discover Montenegro from the other side. Many years ago, instead of the popular tourist Budva there was another city with temples, wells, monuments of archaic architecture. Its history began many centuries ago – in the illyrian period, when Europe did not exist.

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  • entrance ticket to the citadel
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  • Licensed English speaking guide
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What to take with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • clothes below the knees to visit the monastery
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  • duration 1.5 hours
  • suitable for all ages

There are many attractions in Montenegro, but few people guess where the most interesting place of the country is. This is the old town of Budva-an area surrounded by fortress walls with loopholes and watchtowers. Today, during individual excursions in Budva, you can see ancient temples, look into the citadel, appreciate the ancient wells, houses, columns. The first settlement in this place was formed about 2500 years ago.


Sightseeing walking tour of the Old town of Budva is the author’s. During the tour you can see the Citadel, the city walls, the Catholic Cathedral and several churches, Orthodox shrines, as well as other unusual cultural monuments. Tours of old Budva in English can be bought at competitive prices in the Agency Open Balkans. The cost of excursions in old Budva in English is fixed for each participant.

Panorama of Budva

During an individual tour of Budva tourists will be shown the citadel, which was first mentioned in the XV century. This building has always served as a fortification. Thanks to food supplies and a powerful Arsenal of weapons, the walls of the citadel could hold out for a long time. Tourists come here all year round. It is worth paying attention to the fortress walls — you can find an image of fish on them. The guide will definitely tell the legend associated with this symbol — it is very romantic. The citadel is also home to a library and a Maritime Museum.

Budva riviera, coast of Montenegro
Citadel in Budva
Citadel in old town in Budva

The fortress walls of old Budva are also an attraction. The first fortification here was built in the IX century, but it was destroyed by an earthquake. New walls have already put the Venetians in the XVII century, but still they look archaic. In walls are visible narrow Windows-loopholes. Tours of the old town of Budva are impossible without visiting these walls.

Budva Old Town

On the territory of the old town is a Catholic Cathedral with a bell tower. It was built on the site of an old Church of the VII century. The Cathedral was built in the XVII century. They say that the miraculous icon of the virgin is kept here. In the Cathedral there are many other interesting relics, there is even a mosaic of the famous Murano glass.

Old town of Budva in Montenegro in summertime.

There are many ancient Catholic churches in old Budva. The temples were built around the ninth century by different monastic orders. They brought miraculous icons and other important religious artifacts. Throughout the existence of the objects were subject to changes, some temples tried to rebuild. However, even today it can be seen that the objects have retained their former features. Temples look archaic and mysterious. They seem to hold secrets that are timeless.

Old Town in Budva Montenegro
Church of Holy Virgin Mary in center of old town Budva, Montenegro

Built in the Byzantine style in the XIX century, the Orthodox Church stands out for its rich interior decoration. Especially stands out the iconostasis, which was made by Greek masters. From the outside, the object looks much more modest.

buildings of old church in old town of Budva, Montenegro

During the tour of old Budva in English you can learn a lot of interesting things. The listed attractions are only the most striking buildings that have survived. The atmosphere of the ancient city consists of little things: ancient well structures, arches, remains of sculpture. The old city has its own secrets, and it is impossible to reveal them on your own. After all, you need to know the culture and history of Montenegro.

The most interesting places of the old city are not marked on the map — the map was made only as a General guide. Sometimes in order to open the attraction, it is enough to look at the ground or look closely. Cobblestones, which are decorated with roads and squares of the abandoned city, also breathes history. On the stones of buildings you can sometimes see unusual symbols, behind which lies the history.

An experienced guide will make a tour through the mysterious old town of Budva as real fun. He will tell a lot of interesting stories related to this place. Tourists will discover all the secrets of this Ghost town.

Excursion evening Budva

Cheap tour to Budva can be bought in Open Balkans. We have the best guides who know all the secrets of Montenegro. It is difficult to find excursions in Budva in English on more attractive terms. We will recommend what tours to visit in Budva and Montenegro.

Улицы старого города в Будве

Private tour of Budva

A private guided tour of Budva will open up a completely different city for the traveler. Instead of a popular tourist destination, you will see a historical cultural center with fortress walls, wells, and towers. A private tour of the old town of Budva is filled with the charm of the middle ages. The journey leaves an unforgettable experience that cannot be simply expressed in words. Old Budva has its own shrines and relics that tourists can see in local temples. The guide will help travelers discover all the secrets of the ancient Montenegrin city.
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