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Durmitor – walking tour to the most beautiful National Park of Montenegro

Excursion to Durmitor – it is an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful national parks of Montenegro. Durmitor has been included in the unesco list since 1980 – it is a place of unique beauty. The park is known for its fir-spruce forest, glacial lakes and mountain peaks, springs and caves. A special route with beautiful views has been developed for tourists. They will see the best northern cities of Montenegro and see the most interesting sights of Durmitor.

1-4 people 200 euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено
Included in price
  •  comfortable car
  •  entrance tickets
  •  toll roads and parking.
Лицензированный гид
Conducts a tour
  • Licensed English speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию
What to take with you
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Clothes below the knees to visit the monastery
  • Jacket
Дополнительная информация
  • Trip duration is 9+ hours
  • Suitable for all ages

At the very start tourists will have to look at the picturesque panorama of Budva. They will have a view of the old town, spectacular houses. In the distance you can see the line of the sea coast.

Budva riviera, coast of Montenegro
The old capital of Montenegro is attractive for its palaces, museums, monasteries. Here is the famous Cetinje Monastery, which can be viewed during the tour. Tourists will not stay here for a long time, but they will have time to see the most important thing. There is a special spirit in this city – every stone here keeps a story.
Город Цетинье Черногория

Near Podgorica, you can see the local Niagara Falls on the Cijevna River. This is a man-made waterfall that arose due to the construction of a dam. It is a smaller copy of the famous waterfall. The Cijevna River is shallow, it is not even characterized by a rapid flow. However, the attraction turned out to be very spectacular. It is better to look at the waterfall in the spring, when the water flow becomes strong, stormy.


Tourists can take a look at the main city of Montenegro, its modern capital. There are a lot of new buildings built quite recently. The bridge seems to divide two cities – Podgorica of the past and Podgorica of the future. You can appreciate the modern architecture of the capital. There are not as many tourists here as in Budva. One of the treasures of the capital is the new white-stone Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, whose architectural appearance combines several styles. Podgorica has existed since the XIV century, it is a historical city.


It is one of the largest cities in the country, second biggest after Podgorica in terms of the number of inhabitants. The city is old – the first mention of it is found in the chronicles of the IV century BC. Here tourists can look at the monuments of the Illyrian and ancient Roman era, enjoy the views of the Salty Lake and look at the local Imperial Bridge. Among the attractions of Niksic are churches, fortresses, Sloboda Square, Trebjesa Forest Park. Here is the famous fortress of Onogost, which today is a picturesque ruin, but has retained its charm and attractiveness.

One of the bright sights of Montenegro, which often begins the acquaintance with the Durmitor Park, is the man-made Piva Lake. Built in the XX century with the help of a dam on the Piva River, the lake looks natural and picturesque. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. There is lot of fish in the lake. There are plenty of spectacular shots to be taken in the surrounding area. A photo shoot in these parts will become the jewel of your photo album.
Экскурсия по каньоны Пива
This is the most beautiful peak of Durmitor, its height is almost 2.4 km. On the surface, you can see many vertical cliffs that give the mountain a distinctive and recognizable look. This is one of the most interesting views of the Durmitor massif. Below lies an equally picturesque valley.

The Saddle Pass is a high-altitude road in Durmitor, which does not have to be conquered. Even from afar, it looks picturesque. Tourists can enjoy the best views of this mountain range.


The treasure of Durmitor is the Black Lake located deep in the park. Mountain peaks loom over it. The water here is colder than in the sea on the beach. This is a unique lake, it is of glacial origin. In the summer, the water from it gradually evaporates, and instead of one reservoir, there are two. During the sunny weather, you can see that the water in it is turquoise.

Black Lake (Crno Jezero) in Durmitor - Montenegro
Горы Черногории
Черное озеро в Монтенегро

After visiting the main attractions of Durmitor and the most beautiful panoramas of Montenegro, tourists will have to make the return journey. The route will run along the same road, you will be able to see panoramas of cities with different lighting, take pictures. The way back is no less interesting.

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