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Canyons of Montenegro: sightseeing tours

Montenegro is not only beaches, 85% of the country-mountain ranges with stunning beauty canyons. You should definitely visit the canyons of Montenegro to appreciate the most striking natural attractions of the country.

1-4 people 190 euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено

Included in the price:

  • comfortable car
  • entrance tickets to the 2  nature reserves, the monastery
  • toll roads and Parking
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour

  • Licensed English speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию

What to take with you:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Clothes below the knees to visit the monaster
  • Jacket
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  • Trip duration is 14+ hours
  • Suitable for all ages

Nature has generously endowed this region — the beauty of the surrounding landscapes Montenegro can compete with Switzerland, Bavaria and Italy. The canyons of the country extend for several kilometers. Tourists during the trip will overcome the way to the most secluded and picturesque corners. One of them is Tara canyon.

Tara canyon is listed in the book of records as the deepest in Europe and the second highest in the world after the Grand Canyon of the USA. Below flows the river of the same name, the flow of which in summer is majestic and measured. In spring, full-flowing Tara noisily carries its waters through the mouth, which was formed over millions of years in the rock.

The journey will be long but interesting. At each stop, tourists are waiting for amazing discoveries and surprises. Many vacationers will be amazed by its beauty canyon Moraca, which is more picturesque than the mountain slopes of the Alps.

The tour is not only a contemplation of the amazing natural beauties that Montenegro is famous for. Vacationers will be offered to fly over the abyss of Tara canyon on the zip line, go to the Moraca monastery, appreciate the beauty of Durmitor Park, listed in the UNESCO List. Impressions after such a tour will remain for several years to come.


The most of feedbacks on group and individual tours from the canyons of Montenegro range from positive to enthusiastic. The most of people are delighted with what they see. The canyon of the river Tara in Montenegro is out of competition. This is the deepest European canyon – the river flow has been creating the course for millions of years. And today the river roars are among the mountains, surrounded by green parks, including the National Park Durmitor.

Sightseeing program

An amazing journey begins in Budva and Podgorica – the most visited places in the country. From the resort towns the path leads to the river Moraca, then the tourists go to the majestic Durmitor park. Along the way, they will take a look on Skadar and Black Lakes with a guide, visit local churches, and immerse themselves in their distinctive, pacifying atmosphere. Local religious buildings are widely known outside of Montenegro. There are still monks living over there but not so many of them. It is believed that the Moraca canyon is more picturesque. Here, more natural beauty, more expressive line of mountains, brighter greens. However, in these places, tourists are offered only a quiet rest and contemplation of the surroundings. But the canyon of the river Tara in Montenegro is a real find for extreme lovers, who simply walk along the bridge and see the natural beauty a little. There is a turbulent river, Dzhurdzhevicha bridge and Zip line. You can go rafting and assess the coolness of the rapids. Zip line – several strong ropes of different lengths. It is recommended to choose a small track and in 45 seconds to fly over the most beautiful places. There is also a large area of ​​1050 meters of Zip line. For this one you will need much more time. The participants are guaranteed complete safety – the rest is monitored, and the attraction itself is carefully serviced. Before the tourists quickly flies over the green abyss the will be instructed. A lot of positive ​​emotions is guaranteed – it feels like a parachute jump.


The journey begins with a panorama of St. Stefan. In the past it was a unique fortified city, and today it is a closed elite resort hotel. A small land area, built up by ancient buildings in the XIV century, is connected to the mainland by a sand spit. Tourists can arrange a photo shoot on the background of Sveti Stefan.


The next stop is Skadar lake, a unique nature reserve. At any time of the year there are a lot of birds, there are a variety of breeds. You can endlessly admire the birds, engage in photo hunting. However, tourists visit Skadar in transit, here the group stops for a short time. It is recommended to catch in the lens all the most beautiful and come back here later with an individual tour.


The capital of Montenegro has a special atmosphere, it is a beautiful European city. History has left its mark here. In the city you can see high-rise buildings built in the old days. Today the city is transformed and modernized. Tourists can see all the fun from the Millennium bridge. It divides Podgorica into two parts — the old and the new.


Another central object on the tour is the canyon of the Moraca River. Along with the canyon Tara, this gorge is the most picturesque in Montenegro. Photos on the network will not fully convey the atmosphere that you can feel live. We will stop in different places of the canyon so that you can capture the best views from the best positions in the photo. Here you get great photo shoots against the backdrop of mountains, greenery, blue sky. You can walk and enjoy the surrounding beauties.

Canyon of the river Morača
Каньон реки Морача

The group will visit a local 13th-century monastery, where several people live today. The main values ​​are ancient frescoes and icons of Saints Savva and Simeon, painted by Kozma the Great himself. It is recommended to wear closed clothes for visiting – locals will not like too frank the appearance of tourists. The temple complex is an ideal place for pilgrimage excursions, it is recommended to choose one of these later.

Moraca monastery in Montenegro

Biograd mountain in Montenegro is a national Park. The forest is relatively close to the canyons. This place is shown to tourists so they can see one of the main attractions of the country. The territory was protected in 1982, the Park was declared a protected area the second in the world (after the American Yellowstone).

The Park is the famous Biograd lake, which has a glacial origin and is known for its clear blue water. In the lake you can swim, relax on the shore. Tourists leave time for such a rest, so that they can enjoy the beauty of Montenegro to the fullest.

Activities in the surrounding area include Hiking, boating and kayaking. Romantics begin to draw or write poetry. You can return to Biograd lake later with an individual tour to spend more time here. Kolasin ski resort is nearby.

Pier and boats in Lake Biograd
Pier and boats in Lake Biograd (Biogradsko jezero), Biogradska Gora national park, Montenegro
Tara Canyon

The next object is Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in all of Europe. There will be several stops in the most picturesque, and most importantly, in safe places. You can personally inspect the most incredible and dizzying corners of the canyon. We will go down to the foot of the river and make a beautiful photo row. Upon returning from the excursion, you will recall with awe the most grandiose natural creation.
On an individual tour you will find even more stops in the canyon of Tara, and therefore more vivid impressions.
After visiting the city tourists lead on the bridge đurđevića Tara bridge.

Canyon in the mountains
Bridge Đurđevića on the Tara river in Montenegro

The building, created before the Second World war, is unique in design. The bridge is located at an altitude of 170 meters above the water. This is one of the few arched bridges created before the war and having such dimensions. There are many opportunities for extreme sports. For many tourists, the passage of one of the highest bridges.

Durdevica Tara

Over the river spanned zipline – “bungee” for fans to tickle your nerves. You can choose a long, short or medium-length cable to fly over a mountain cliff. Weight and age do not matter. “Bungee” was used by people over the age of 90 years. And the cable itself is designed for a load of 7 tons. The descent is breathtaking.

Zip-Line Tara canyon
Zip - Line Tara canyon Montenegro

The town of žabljak is located close to the Durmitor national Park. Zabljak is a famous ski resort, located at an altitude of almost 1500 meters above sea level. It is worth stopping and exploring the surroundings.

Экскурсия горы Черногории
Горы Черногории

Next, we go to the territory of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – to the Durmitor National Park. We go along one of the winding forest paths to its central object – Black Lake. This is the most famous reservoir in the reserve, but only one of several glacial lakes in the park.
From here an incredible view opens up on the highest mountain peak of Durmitor, located at an altitude of more than 2.5 kilometers above sea level – Bobotov Kuk. Here we will take the most dizzying photographs against the backdrop of a picturesque lake and mountains. On an individual excursion, the time for exploring the Black Lake is not limited, so you will have time to fully enjoy your vacation.

The end of the tour. Tourists return to the starting point, full of fresh impressions and new photos from the most beautiful places in Montenegro.

Black Lake (Crno Jezero) in Durmitor - Montenegro
Black lake Durmitor Montenegro
Черное озеро в Монтенегро
Черное озеро заповедник Дурмитор Черногория
Экскурсия на каньоны в Черногории
Panorama of the Komarnica canyon
The unique canyon Nevidio, located between Mount Vojinik and Durmitor, on the Komarnitsa River, is the exact opposite of the wide canyon of Tara. It received the name “Nevidio”, which means “invisible to God.”
To cover a distance of 5 kilometers along a difficult natural route. Only a review of Nevidio is available. Heavy rocks move towards each other right before your eyes.
Панорама каньона Комарница Черногория

Guided tour

Lovers of independent travel want to discover Montenegro in person. The spirit of adventure beckons to the most mysterious and dangerous corners. However it is better to go here with an experienced guide:

– with a guide its safe

– guide can show all the beauty of the region;

– as part of the tour, tourists will not get lost.

All canyons in Montenegro are located in the highlands of the country, therefore, the safety of tourists is important on the route. The tour is led by an experienced guide who ensures safety throughout the trip.

Another reason to go with a guide is due to the fact that visiting people usually do not know the area. They will surely miss all the most beautiful sights.

Even if the traveler comes not for the first time, he still better spend time with a guide, group or personal. After all, the guide in the Arsenal of many interesting stories, true and fictional, which reflect the history of these places. A good guide can not be replaced by even the most expensive guide.

Individual tour to

You can touch the natural wealth of Montenegro and drive through the incredible canyons in both group and individual excursions. The latter will give more advantages: a trip of 2-4 people, a personal guide, the ability to adjust the route and duration of the tour.

On an individual tour, any program of inspection will be doubly interesting. At a convenient time for you on a comfortable transport you will pass to interesting places, will be able to stay for their study or even miss uninteresting objects. An experienced guide will tell you about the nature, cities and culture of the country, its legends, will guide you through the sparsely populated trails to get to know Montenegro in a new way.

Organized group or individual guided tour of Montenegro is an opportunity to get a lot of vivid impressions and hear fascinating stories about the country, which you will not be told anywhere else. Independent travel will not give such freedom and certainly will not help to get acquainted with this amazing country.

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