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Maxi-Montenegro tour to the nature reserve Lovcen — Budva — Cetinje — Njegusi — Kotor — Perast

Excursion Maxi Montenegro begins from Budva – the tourists may enjoy the beauty of the Montenegrin coast. Tour passes through Lovcen and Njegusi on mountain serpantins.

1-4 people 135 Euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено

Included in price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and parking
  • entrance to the National Park
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English-speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию

What to take:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • clothes below the knees for visiting the monastery
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  • duration is 9+ hours
  • suitable for all ages

Maxi Montenegro – a fascinating tour in the heart of Montenegro to the Lovcen nature reserve. The route begins in the central part of the Adriatic – Budva, and runs through the picturesque Cetinje, Negushi and Kotor. Travelers will see the long coastline, majestic mountain peaks, dizzying serpentines and amazing surrounding landscapes. Maxi Montenegro is created for a rich, vibrant and unforgettable vacation. As part of the tour, the group will visit the most vibrant and interesting places.

The mausoleum of Njegos located on the top of the Lovcen

Most tourists begin their acquaintance with the country from Budva – here is the airport. But only an experienced guide will allow you to enjoy this city. Tourists often miss the most beautiful places. Budva is a fabulous Montenegrin coast with clean beaches. During the tour, guests will visit not only the Budva Riviera – in the center is the Old Town. It has been preserved from the times when Venice dominated. In the Old Town you can see the religious buildings and the fortress. Each attraction has its own history; a guide will tell you all about it.

Panorama of Budva
Cetinje - the old capital of Montenegro
After Budva, a tour begins in Cetinje. This is the former capital of the country, with the current residence of the president and some ministries. Cetinje was founded in the 15th century. The village really was the center of Montenegro. But, being surrounded by mountains, he could not grow and develop as time required. Therefore, the economic and political center was moved to Podgorica.
In Cetinje, you can see many attractions: Cetinje Monastery, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, National Museum, Palace Square, Vlaška Church, palaces. The most famous palaces are Blue and King Nikola’s Palace. These are interesting architectural structures that attract the attention of travelers. Museums can be visited upon request. The most famous is the State Museum.
Город Цетинье Черногория
Cetinje Monastery

The Cetinje Monastery contains valuable relics of the entire Christian world – a fragment of the right hand of John the Baptist (three fingers baptizing Jesus Christ), the relics of Peter Cetinsky, the founder of the monastery. As well as a fragment of the Calvary Cross and the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, painted by St. Luke himself. The glory of the Cetinje Monastery attracts millions of pilgrims from all over the world.

Цетинский монастырь
Цетинский монастырь
Церковь Рождества Богородицы на Чипуре, Цетине, Черногория
Tour the Lovcen National Park

Further tourists will have an tourn to Lovcen. This is the National Park of Montenegro, located on the mountain of the same name. This place is located near Cetinje.

The main man-made attraction is the Mausoleum of Peter II Njegos Petrovic – beloved ruler of Montenegro, patron and state reformer. At an altitude of more than 1.5 kilometers, just beyond the Mausoleum, we will go to the observation platform, from where we will enjoy the panorama of the entire Boka Kotor Bay.
There are no doubt that they are more natural attractions in Lovcen National Park. The winding paths crossing the lush green valleys and forests go either to beautiful springs, or to relaxation areas in natural shade, or to picturesque glades.
The excursion to Lovcen is led by an experienced guide who will tell the stories of the foundation of the reserve and lead to the most picturesque places.

Lovcen Mountains National park at sunset - Montenegro
Mausoleum of Negos

In Lovcen National Park we will climb to the top of Jezerski Vrh. At an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, we will see one of the religious buildings of Montenegro – the Mausoleum of Negos. Dedicated to the great metropolitan and patron of the country Peter II Petrovic Njegos, whose remains are in the sarcophagus and keep the walls of the mausoleum. After a tour of the interior, we will go to one of the best observation platforms in the country for exploring the breathtaking panorama of the whole territory of Montenegro.

Mountain road to ancient mausoleum. Beautiful scenic landscape. Stairs to heaven concept
Гора Ловчен Черногория
Photo of Lovcen National Park in Summer. Montenegro landscapes.

Old village of Negusi is located at the foot of Lovcen Mountain. It is from here that the ruling dynasty of Petrovich hails. Negusi is a village in which a traditional way has been preserved. Here, in the old fashioned way, they housekeeping and are engaged in the production of prosciutto, wine, vodka, cheese. By the way, the best in Montenegro is made here, thanks to the use of secret manufacturing technology. Tourists can buy products – because of the popularity of prosciutto among visitors, locals buy more pork legs. In Negusi, the tour also takes place under the guidance of a guide.

Негуши Черногория
The village of Negushi, Montenegro
Small houses and grass meadow near Negushi village, Montenegro

From the village of Negusi the excursion continues along a unique route. It is called “25 serpentines”, in fact, serpentine is only one – this is a common road. But it makes 25 sharp turns all over. On the way tourists will see beautiful panoramas. Serpentine was made by Austrians and it leads to Kotor. In another way, it is called the “Cattaro Staircase”.

Pressed smoked ham in smokehouse

From the village of Negushi, the tour continues along a unique route. It is called “25 serpentines”, in fact, one serpentine is a common road. But it makes 25 sharp turns all the way. On the way, tourists will see beautiful panoramas. The serpentine was built by the Austrians and it leads to Kotor. In other words, it is called “cattaro’s staircase”.

Serpentine mountain road in Montenegro

Kotor can be seen even from the height of Lovcen, but near it it is especially beautiful. There is an Old Town on the UNESCO List. Here you can only walk, as in ancient times, when there was no transport. This adds a special feel to the old atmosphere. In Kotor, tourists will see temples, palaces, old buildings. They can learn more about the history of Montenegro.

Kotor walking tour
Экскурсия в Которе Черногория
Экскурсия по Котору Черногория
Церковь Святого Николая в старом городе Котора
Церковь Святого Луки в Которе
Церковь Святого Трифона – Котор

On the way tourists will stop in Perast. This is one of the famous cities of the Bay, it is known for its ancient architecture. The sights of Perast are mostly man-made. There are many museums, beautiful ancient temples and houses. The settlement has always been popular among the Russians, special attention was paid to it by the nobles during the reign of Peter I — the Emperor that use to send noble children to study here.

St. Nicholas Church, Perast, Montenegro

After visiting the cities, we sail by boat to the island of the Our Lady. The route passes through the purest waters of the Adriatic sea. The panorama shows two Islands-next to the Our Lady island is a closed island-the monastery of St. George. During this trip, you can enjoy the silence, the play of sunlight on the surface of the water, the picturesqueness of the surrounding world. Island of the Our Lady is artificial. On it, right in the middle of the Bay, stands the temple. The main attractions of this church are located inside. The local temple is a real Museum, and ancient artifacts are stored on two floors. On the first floor there is an altar made by skilled craftsmen from 4 expensive types of marble. Some tourists come to the island to see the local icon of the mother of God. It was given as a gift by a needlewoman from Perast, who embroidered it for more than 25 years and used her hair . On the second floor of the temple there is a Museum with an exposition of archaeological finds.

Castle on the lake in Montenegro
Sunset on the lake in Montenegro
Бока- Которская бухта Черногория
Остров Святого Георгия
Экскурсия по Перасту
Пераст и Котор Черногория

Private tour to the Lovcen National Park

The Maxi-Lovcen tour is designed for large and small groups. Individual tours are designed for 2-4 people. It is possible to make changes to the tour program and stay longer in certain places, to skip attractions that do not interest you. This allows you to see more interesting things during the tour to the Lovcen National Park. You don't need to wait for anyone - usually mini-groups are more mobile. This is a great choice for a family vacation or with friends when you want to get more impressions from your trip.
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