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Lovcen National Park Mini Montenegro tour

Mini-Montenegro tour begins with Budva, where tourists can see not only the coast. Tour passes through the cetinje monastery, mount Lovcen, village njegusi and famous 25 serpantines.

1-4 people 120 euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено

Included in price:        

  • comfortable car
  • entry tickets
  • toll roads and parking
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию

What to take with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • clothes below the knees to visit the monastery
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  • duration 7 hours
  • suitable for all ages

Many tourists are interested in the best sightseeing tour from Budva to the historical and natural attractions of the country. Vacationers want to see shrines in Montenegro, for example, the Cetinje Monastery, and also to visit Lovcen – a National Park and a mausoleum. Mini-Montenegro tour is the opportunity to visit the heart of the country and see the most interesting places.

Tour to "Mini Montenegro" to the Lovcen National Park, Cetinje Monastery, Negusi
The mausoleum of Njegos located on the top of the Lovcen

Many tour start from Budva – more than half of all tourists arrive here. In Budva, there are excellent sandy beaches – Budva Riviera conquers at first sight. The old town is surrounded by a fortified wall, and the sights of the times of the reign of Venice are preserved in it. The tour starts with the panorama of Budva. It is assumed that tourists have already managed to see the sights of the city that are nearby.
Budva from a hill looks especially romantic. This is a small town with long beaches and red-tiled roofs of old houses. Nothing is out of the general style.

Panorama of Budva
City of Cetinje
The ancient capital of Montenegro, founded at the foot of Lovcen Mountain in the 13th century, is located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level, in a unique climate zone. The city is also called as an open-air museum and it is the country’s cultural center with many historical and architectural monuments.
The main attractions are the oldest building of the Vlaška church in the city, built in the 14th century, and the Cetinje Monastery is the central Orthodox shrine of all Montenegro. The city has many museums, galleries and theaters. The main architectural object is the palace of King Nikola, built in the XVIII century in the rare style of “session”. It has preserved luxurious interiors and presents a rich exhibition of the National Museum of Montenegro.
Город Цетинье Черногория

The next point of the tour is the Cetinje Monastery. Cult Orthodox object built in Cetinje – the old capital of Montenegro. The monastery was built in the 15th century, the relics of Peter Tsetinsky and a part of the relics of John the Baptist are kept here. When visiting the monastery, tourists will immediately appreciate the advantage of group excursions. Halls with relics are usually opened only if the object is visited by a certain number of people. In some cases, an exception is also made during individual tours with a guide.

Цетинский монастырь
Цетинский монастырь
Церковь Рождества Богородицы на Чипуре, Цетине, Черногория
Tour to Lovcen Lovcen
National Park is located around the mountain of the same name, on the mountain there is a mausoleum on Lovcen. The mausoleum is dedicated to Peter II Njegos Petrovic. Hiking to the mausoleum is carried out only in the relatively warm season, when the mountain is not covered with snow. In the park, tourists can relax, take a walk, and take a look around. There is rich flora – more than 1000 species of plants grow on the territory. Also in the Lovcen reserve there are many birds and insects.
Views from Lovcen Mountain are the most incredible. A cloudless sunny sky opens a clear horizon, and tourists can enjoy views of the surrounding countryside. It is from Mount Lovcen that the incredible relief of the entire Boka Kotor Bay and even part of the state of Croatia is noticeable. The mausoleum on the mountain is located at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters. The tour to Lovcen is one of the most interesting, as part of the excursion, travelers have to drive through picturesque places.
Lovcen Mountains National park at sunset - Montenegro
Mausoleum of Negos on Lovcen

The Negos Mausoleum is one of the iconic sights of Montenegro, located in the Lovcen National Park. The construction was erected in the XX century at an altitude of more than 1600 meters above sea level, at the peak of Jezerski Vrha. An tour to the Lovcen National Park includes an inspection of the interior of the mausoleum and a breathtaking panorama of the whole of Montenegro from the local observation deck.

Mountain road to ancient mausoleum. Beautiful scenic landscape. Stairs to heaven concept
Photo of Lovcen National Park in Summer. Montenegro landscapes.
Гора Ловчен Черногория

Negusi in Montenegro is a small village where locals continue to live in the old-fashioned way. There are engaged in the traditional production of wine, vodka, cheese and other products. The settlement is located near the national park. This is the birthplace of the dynasty of Petrovich. Here you can taste and buy products prepared by local residents. Local prshut- beacon is impossible to repeat. In other countries they have already tried to make a product, but it did not work out. The whole secret is most likely in the special climate of the mountain valley. Prshut reaches readiness quickly, but it is generally accepted that its taste is especially revealed 10 months after preparation.

Негуши Черногория
The village of Negushi, Montenegro
Small houses and grass meadow near Negushi village, Montenegro
Tasting Prsut
Pressed smoked ham in smokehouse

There are a lot of serpentines in Montenegro, however, the Kattaro staircase is a very special place. This road was called “25 serpentines”, because it is very winding. In fact, the road is one, but it winds heavily. The route was laid by the Austrians. Serpentines leads to the Bay of Kotor. Tourists can enjoy the trip, in two or three places there will be stops. During the stops, you can arrange a photo shoot, take a selfie and just enjoy the surrounding beauty. In some areas, landscapes are simply magical.

Serpentine mountain road in Montenegro

Gorazda is a fortress of the XIX century, it is the most modern building of its time. The object was built in 1886 as a reference point. It is equipped with numerous loopholes, which still meet tourists today. During the tour to Gorazda, you will cross a relatively new concrete bridge over the moat, where tourists will see a corridor for passage inside. Inside, you can see the most interesting thing — a building of the XIX century, built using the most modern technologies of its time. Thanks to its secluded location, it is perfectly preserved.

Горажда: старая австро-венгерская крепость

Private tour to the Lovcen National Park

You can visit the Lovcen National Park and appreciate its beauty as part of an individual tour. These trips are made for 2-4 people. During the Mini-Montenegro tour, tourists will see the most interesting sights in details. One of the advantages of individual trips is the ability to make changes to the program, stay longer in certain places. You can refuse to visit places that do not seem interesting. The guide focuses exclusively on the wishes of tourists.
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