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Montenegro sightseeing tour: Skadar lake, Ostrog, Lovcen, Kotor

Sightseeing tour of Montenegro passes through such places as Skadar lake, Lovcen, Kotor, Ostrog. Tourists look into the most beautiful corners of Montenegro, inspect ancient buildings and visit legendary temples. During this tour, it’s like you’re touching something wonderful.

1-4 people 350 EUROS
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено

Included in the price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and Parking
  • boat on Skadar lake
  • tickets to Kotor
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию

What to take with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • clothes below the knees to visit the monastery
  • swimsuit, towel
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  • duration 12 + hours
  • suitable for all ages
  • tickets must be paid separately to the National Parks and mausoleum

Sightseeing tour of Montenegro – a route in which tourists can see the most famous sights of the country. Outside Montenegro, people know about the beauty of the Skadar reserve-a place known as the largest bird sanctuary. No less attention is drawn to the legendary Ostrog monastery, considered a sanctuary of the Balkan scale.


The first point of the route is Skadar lake. This place is popular with ordinary tourists and pilgrims, as well as all those who care about nature and are sincerely interested in birds. It attracts more than 250 species of birds from different countries, it is on the territory of lake Skadar where birds of Africa meet with birds from Siberia. Some birds are included in the Red book – they are protected.

Skadar lake is a great place for photo hunting for birds. You can create unique frames for a personal album or publication. Pilgrims come here to see the legendary Zeta Athos – a complex of monasteries on the Islands of the lake. Island abodes have existed for a long time, each with several inhabitants. A sightseeing tour of lake Skadar offers opportunities to explore all the local attractions. After rest in fertile places near the lake the group goes further.

Backwater of Skadar Lake, Montenegro
Lake Skadar
Скадарское озеро Черногории

Sightseeing tour to Ostrog monastery will be interesting not only for pilgrims. This place is considered miraculous, there is a special atmosphere that many vacationers feel. Ostrog was founded by the famous Saint Basil of Ostrog, today a vine grows in the rock, reminiscent of this Saint. The vine grows where the cell of the elder Basil was, contrary to all the laws of nature.

The peculiarity of Ostrog monastery is that it is built into the rock. The walls of the cells are partly composed of rock. Abodes are located above and below, to get to the upper temples, it is necessary to overcome a certain distance. The cave church houses the relics of the elder Basil and other saints, here you can see a lot of attractions. Monks can tell about the miracles associated with the temple complex. For example, during the war the church cave was hit by a shell, but.. not torn. As later studies have shown that the projectile was completely undamaged.

Ostrog monastery is a place where there is amazing silence and peace. Believers come to touch the place with the relics of the Saint– it is believed that the Saint can help in a sincere request.

Next, the route of tourists lies in the direction of Lovcen.


A sightseeing tour to the Lovcen reserve is especially recommended for new tourists who have not been to Montenegro before. Lovcen is a symbol of the country, although it is not the highest mountain in Montenegro. There is a national Park, and still-the mausoleum of negos II on the top. First there was a chapel, where later arranged a place to store the body of the monarch. Another attraction of these places is the village of Negushi, which is located at the foot of Lovcen, in fact the village is also located in a mountainous area, there is a special microclimate.

Tourists will visit everywhere. They will be offered to walk around the reserve, breathe the clean mountain air, filled with the aromas of deciduous and coniferous trees. Then you can climb higher to the mausoleum. The road is quite heavy, especially the last hundred meters, but it’s worth it. During sightseeing tours in Montenegro, tourists visit the mausoleum only in favorable weather. In winter, it is closed-the top of the mountain is closed by a 5-meter cap of snow.

After a tour of the Museum, the group will continue towards Njegusi, where you can enjoy local hospitality and to taste the dishes of the Montenegrin cuisine. The villagers cook a lot yourself: prosciutto, cheese, wine, and rakia.

Lovcen Mountains National park at sunset - Montenegro
The mausoleum of Njegos located on the top of the Lovcen
Photo of Lovcen National Park in Summer. Montenegro landscapes.

Sightseeing tour in Kotor will appeal to all tourists, because it is one of the brightest cities in the Bay of Kotor. Kotor has everything for tourists to enjoy their holidays. There are many temples, churches, museums, old buildings. Interesting temple of the Apostle Luke, which dates back to the XII century. It was Catholic for a long time, but at some point there was a second altar. As a result, the monastery became Orthodox. The Catholic altar was inside for a long time, and only in the XIX century it was removed.

The population of the city is predominantly Orthodox, but there are many Catholic churches. The main temple of the city is the Cathedral of St. Tryphon. Saint Tryphon is the patron Saint of the city, his relics are kept inside the Church. In 2009, the city celebrated the 1200 anniversary of the discovery of the relics of the elder.

Walking through the streets of Kotor, you can discover the city from a new side. It is old, so multifaceted and unusual. Narrow streets will lead the traveler to the secluded corners of the ancient city.

The tour ends with a tour of the surrounding area on the way back.

Экскурсия в Которе Черногория
Kotor walking tour
Экскурсия по Котору Черногория
Церковь Святого Николая в старом городе Котора
Церковь Святого Луки в Которе
Церковь Святого Трифона – Котор

Private sightseeing tour of Montenegro

Individual sightseeing tour of Montenegro — a tour to the most interesting places of the mountainous country. The guide will show you Lovcen, Skadar lake, Ostrog monastery, Kotor. These are places that can be considered the business cards of Montenegro. The first waypoint on the route is Skadar lake. In the reserve you can enjoy beautiful views, many birds and other animals. Then the travelers will plunge into the silence and grace of the Ostrog monastery in the rock. From here, the path leads to the Lovcen nature reserve and medieval Kotor with its unique temples and narrow historical streets.
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