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Old Bar and island of Sveti Stefan

Getting to know the old towns of Bar and Sveti Stefan island will give tourists an unforgettable experience. These are historical cities that have preserved a special atmosphere. Here you can see old buildings that have been perfectly preserved and have survived to the present day.

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  • licensed English-speaking guide
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  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • duration is 5+ hours
  • suitable for all ages

Tour to the old Bar and to the island of Sveti Stefan is a memorable excursion. In Montenegro, old cities have been preserved, surrounded by walls. To plunge into the past for several hours is quite real. It is enough to visit several cities, and it will seem that time has stopped. The English -speaking guide will show Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Sutomore, Bar to vacationers. These are unique places that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.


Petrovac is located near Budva. Tourists will explore the panorama of the city, located in a cozy and picturesque bay. The city is surrounded by coniferous and olive groves, as well as exotic plants that grow on its territory. Nearby there are also 2 islands. Vacationers during the view can overlook the houses, hiding in the greenery of groves and parks.
White houses with red tiled roofs are in perfect harmony with the surrounding greenery and the blue water of the bay. The terrain is hilly, so the town seems hidden among the hills. You can make a lot of beautiful pictures during the stop.


Between Petrovac and Bar is the town of Sutomore with magnificent pebble beaches. Tours and excursions in Sutomore are popular – there are still wild beaches, and they are also clean locted in a secluded area. The coastline of Sutomore is cut by bays and gulfs. In the vicinity of the city you can find mountains, forests, pine forest. The history of the city dates back to the Middle Ages. There are remained stone pavements, covered with natural stone. Cobbled streets are old-fashioned and narrow. You can see a lot of houses built of ashlar. The Turkish Hai Nehai fortress, located in the western part of the city, is considered the hallmark of the city.
The sights of Sutomore include the red beach, the temple of St. Thecla, the monastery of St. Mary. There are also other attractions in the city.

In Bar, the main attractions are located along the small edge of the sea, as is the city itself. The streets are buried in the greenery of cypresses and palm trees, the atmosphere of a quiet resort settlement reigns everywhere. The most famous attraction is the Palace of King Nikola – the former summer residence of the monarchs. On its vast territory you can see the Summer and Winter palaces, the Cathedral Church of St. Vladimir.
The residence of the Archbishop of Catholics is interesting, and especially the monument to the liberators of the city from Ottoman authority. It is created from fragments of the destroyed walls of the buildings of the Old City. It is nice to stroll through the local olive groves. Here, behind a special fence, grows the oldest olive tree in Europe, over 2000 years old.
Бар — уютная Черногория
Cтарое оливковое дерево Европы возрастом более 2000 лет

Tours to the city of Bar in Montenegro are popular among tourists who go on cultural and historical tours. Vacationers can take a look at the ghost town, the ruins of which are of historical value. Today, work on the reconstruction continues. In the Old Bar there are remains of Turkish baths and Venetian palaces. Here you can see what’s left of the aqueduct. On the territory there were many religious buildings – Orthodox and Catholic churches. Behind the city is Mount Rumia, from the height of which you can see the panorama of the Old Bar. It is magnificent even in such a condition.

Старый город Бар
Экскурсия в старый Бар
Старый Бар
Старый Бар

Tours to Sveti Stefan  attract connoisseurs of the ancient architecture. Today, the island is an elite private resort. It is expensive to stay here, but tourists can come just to see the panorama. Sveti Stefan is an unusual place, the island is connected to the land by a natural isthmus.
The fortress of St. Stephen is known from the XV century. Here are preserved old houses, in which tourists stay today. Objects have been carefully restored. There are also three churches on the island.

Sveti Stefan island in Budva in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro.
Canvas chairs on the beach
Beach in Montenegro
View on park and mountains in Milocer, Montenegro
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