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Old Kotor, Lovcen National Park and the mighty Boko Kotor fjord

Take an unforgettable trip to the heart of Montenegro, as part of an tour to Kotor and Lovcen. Walking through the ancient city of Kotor, you will visit the most beautiful Boko-Kotor fjord, which has no analogues in Europe. Then, go up the dizzying serpentine to the top of mount Lovcen and find yourself in a picturesque national park. An experienced guide will tell you all about the origin of the city and the legends associated with natural attractions.

1-4 people 110 евро
groups on request
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Included in the price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and Parking
  • entrance fees to Kotor
  • Licensed guide
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию

What to take with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • the duration is 5 hours.
  • suitable for all ages
  • entrance fees to the reserve and mausoleum  you pay separately
Tour to old Kotor, Lovcen National Park, Negusi and the mighty Boka Kotor fjord

You will find a rich tour to the amazing Kotor and Lovcen in English. First, you and the guide will walk along the old streets of the Venetian city of Kotor and learn the fascinating history of the city, its legends and traditions of local residents. Then go up to the observation deck of the Kings Road, from which you will take breathtaking photos of the surrounding area.

Discover the wonderful world of Montenegro with Open Balkans. We offer fascinating excursions to Kotor, Montenegro, on safe transport and accompanied by an experienced guide.

Beautiful Montenegro

Old Kotor is a unique landmark and UNESCO monument. We will walk along the narrowest street of Montenegro and along the ancient fortress wall. Consider the palaces, once owned by a rich Venetian the aristocracy, such as Bizanti, Pima, Beskuca. Visit the ancient Cathedral of St. Tryphon and the Church of St. Luke. On the tour we will be amazed by the beauty of Kotor Bay.

You will hear stories about the attempts to conquer the city and its foundation, the features of the local architecture. We will tell city legends and acquaint with life of great governors and military leaders. We figuratively and visually recreate with you the life of the city in different eras, to put together a picture of one of the most amazing settlements in Montenegro.

Kotor walking tour
Экскурсия в Которе Черногория
Церковь Святого Николая в старом городе Котора
Церковь Святого Луки в Которе
Церковь Святого Трифона – Котор
EUROPE'S Southern fjord- Boka Bay

Boka Kotor is considered as the one of the most beautiful fjords in this part of Europe. It attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to see with their own eyes the natural power of the monumental mountains and the rapid flow of crystal-turquoise rivers. As part of our tour you will have a chance to become the lucky one. Fjord in the Bay Of Kotor is protected by UNESCO and it is among the 30 most picturesque bays in the world.

And some scientists claim that Montenegrin fjord is the only one in the whole Mediterranean. After all, it fits the accepted characteristics-a winding and narrow, deeply cutting into the land of the Bay with mountain shores. The entire fjord area is of Central historical and cultural significance to the Croatian and Montenegrin peoples. We promise that the experience of visiting the Boko Kotor fjord will be unforgettable.

TOUR Open Balkans

25 serpentines, or Royal road, laid in the mountains of Kotor hundreds of years ago and today it is breathtaking sight. We will use them to go further into the mountains. You will pass 25 dizzying sections of the mountain road, which previously went to the rulers of Kotor at the reception in the Palace of Petrovic dinasty. Rising higher and higher, you will see the Bay of Kotor in all its glory. This is one of the favorite tourist segments of the Kotor tour in Montenegro.

Serpentine mountain road in Montenegro

TRAPPED Next in the program is an tour to Lovcen – a trip to the legendary mountain, and more precisely to its top – Jezerski Top. We will be with you at a dizzying height of 1657 meters. It is here, under the clouds, that the mausoleum of the great ruler and metropolitan of Montenegro, Peter Negoshi, was founded, who was buried here at his request. Even during the life of the ruler, there was a chapel, on the site of which they later installed a mausoleum. As part of an excursion to Lovcen, you will see the Boko-Kotor Bay from the top of Mount Kotor, as well as the emerald water of Skadar Lake and the severe peaks of the Durmitor massif. You will find yourself in the heart of Kotor, where you feel the silence and pacification of the surrounding landscapes.

The mausoleum of Njegos located on the top of the Lovcen
Photo of Lovcen National Park in Summer. Montenegro landscapes.
Lovcen Mountains National park at sunset - Montenegro
Mausoleum of Negos

Next we will go on a tour of the most iconic sights of Montenegro. The mausoleum on Mount Lovcen was erected at the peak of Jezerski Vrh, at an altitude of more than 1600 meters above sea level. Built in honor of the beloved Montenegrin ruler and Metropolitan Peter II Petrovich Negos. On an excursion we will visit the mausoleum, then, we will go out to the round observation platform and examine the breathtaking panorama of Montenegro.

Mountain road to ancient mausoleum. Beautiful scenic landscape. Stairs to heaven concept
Гора Ловчен Черногория

An tour to Lovcen is also an excursion to the National Park of Montenegro. The slopes of the mountain, for ecological clean air with a combination of marine and mountain ecosystems, are recognized as a protected area. Here, in the largest valley – Ivanova Korita, cold springs beat, forming amazing cascades. Nearby is a balneological sanatorium for the treatment of pulmonary diseases.

On the territory of Lovcen National Park is the village of Negushi, with is known for ancient way of life. Here we can taste delicious smoked ham and Montenegrin homemade cheeses.

A tour of Kotor and Lovcen brings together the best architectural and natural attractions. You will learn all about the traditions of the inhabitants of the mountainous part of the country and visit the most picturesque places. The central part of the tour will be the southernmost fjord in Europe – the majestic Boko-Kotor fjord, which will conquer you on a natural scale. Rather book a tour and get ready for the most fascinating trip to Montenegro.

The village of Negushi, Montenegro
Small houses and grass meadow near Negushi village, Montenegro
Негуши Черногория
Pressed smoked ham in smokehouse

Old Kotor, Lovcen and Boka Kotor fjord with a guide

Private tour to Old Kotor, Lovcen National Park and the mighty Boko Kotor fjord is a tour where you can see the most beautiful places in Montenegro. It starts with a walk through the streets of old Kotor, a medieval city with unique architecture. Then the journey continues at the southernmost fjord in Europe - Boka Kotor Bay. Next, you need to get to Lovcen, for this you will have to climb the road from "25 serpentines". Thrills, breathtaking landscapes and panoramas with unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. And all the most interesting things about these places tourists learn from the guide.
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