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Skadar lake and Crnojevica river-Montenegro

Skadar lake is the pearl of Montenegro, home of 40 species of fish and 264 species of birds. The lake meets birds from Siberia, Africa AND Europe. Some birds are listed in the red book and considered as very rare. Tourists can enjoy the lake, wildlife photography. the eco-tourism here is very popular too. Near the lake is the village of Virpazar and the border with Albania.

1-4 people 150 Euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено

Included in price:

  • a comfortable car
  • boat for a cruise on the lake
  • entrance to the National Park
  •  toll roads and Parking
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English-speaking guide
Что взять с собой на экскурсию

What to bring:

  • clothes to change
  • swimsuit
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  • the duration is 6 + hours
  • suitable for all ages
  • tickets to the cave are paid separately

Skadar lake National Park in Montenegro is the pearl of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a unique nature reserve with a lake and picturesque surroundings. In the pond there are many Islands that attract birds. It is allowed to swim, take pictures of the surrounding beauty, cruise on a boat. Having visited the Park, tourists will understand why this place is called a bird’s Paradise.

Tour to Program OF SKADAR LAKE

Tour to Skadar lake is a great option for those who want to relax in a quiet, protected place, surrounded by pristine natural scenery. We will ride with you on a dense blanket of water lilies, plunge into the clear water of the Skadar lake, watch the beautiful birds at close range and make a lot of beautiful photos. Above the surface of the lake here and there will rise small and large Islands, many of which were chosen by local wildlife.

We go on an excursion to Skadar lake in Montenegro in the morning. Half an hour on the way and the first stop is the village of Virpazar, located on the border with Albania. This is an authentic settlement that has preserved a measured way of life. We will explore the village streets and go to the main object of our tour.

Upon arrival at Skadar lake, we will have about 3.5 hours to inspect it. We will walk around the area, explore the surroundings, and then, take a boat and sail on a carpet of countless water lilies, exuding a sweet aroma. You will discover dozens of small and large Islands, where you will see storks, herons, dives, pelicans, ducks and many other birds. There are more than 260 species of them in the vicinity of the lake, among which there are rare ones. On them we will arrange a real photo hunt. Perhaps you will have a chance to capture even pink flamingos. Sailing along the lake, we will meet on its shores temples and interesting artifacts.

Then, we will drive by car to the picturesque river Crnojevica, on the banks of which, right before your eyes, there will be a village with the same name. Truly, a fabulous place, hidden from prying eyes by hills and mountains. Here we will take a few photos and, if desired, a little snack. After that, we’ll be on our way back.

Lake Skadar

Our first stop is the Montenegrin village of Virpazar. In the past, it was the largest and only commercial port on lake Skadar, today it has lost its commercial importance, but has become a famous tourist destination for a quiet holiday in the National Park.

Periodically, the village hosts fairs and there is a small market where you can buy Souvenirs made by the locals, and other interesting items. Walking through the village, you can feel the flavor of provincial life, the pace of which is noticeably slower than large cities.

Тихая деревушка Вирпазар Скадарское озеро

Many tourists do not know where the Skadar lake National Park is located at all. It is close to the border with Albania. Since 1983, this place has been under protection. The state ensures that there is no hunting. Only tourist excursions are allowed. More than 250 species of birds come here, and it’s amazing. Even the fish are represented here in greater variety than anywhere else.

Fishing on Skadar lake in Montenegro, by the way, is allowed. However, it will have to be paid for. In addition, during fishing certain rules are observed. The ecology in these places is ideal. Travelers ride on boats, but it happens quite rarely. Damage from the use of technology is minimized.

Lake Skadar

Skadar lake serves as a temporary or permanent habitat for birds. Some come here in a certain season, and then fly away until the next year. It is an ideal place for photo hunting. Amateurs to take beautiful pictures with the birds is certainly worth to visit here. There is also a developed type of ecological tourism, as birdwatching.

Some of the birds that live on the lake are unique. These include the Dalmatian curly Pelican. It is a symbol of Skadar lake and the whole reserve. In General, birds from Africa, Siberia and other regions come to the reserve. Here you can see several species of ducks and geese, African Heron, gulls, Royal, mountain and steppe eagles.

Dalmatian pelican
Flying White Pelican, Pelecanus erythrorhynchos, above the water
Skadar Lake,
Пеликаны на Скадарском озере

After the tourist admired the water lilies, lilies and bird flocks, you can explore the Islands and monasteries. There are dozens of Orthodox monasteries on the lake. Here is the so-called “Zeta Athos” – five large monasteries. Next to Albania is Beska, Gorica, Starcevo, Moracnik.

In the center of the pond you can find an island with a monastery built in the XIII century. It’s the oldest of them all. There are also other monasteries, where you can find frescoes, icons, appreciate the ancient design and architecture. In addition to churches on the Islands there are fortifications and secular buildings.

Abandoned prison on Skadar lake
Крепость Грмозур Скадарское озеро
Karuc village on Lake Skadar, Montenegro
Beska church, Skadar Lake
Lake Skadar national park on Montenegro
Скадарское озеро парк

The Crnojevica river in Montenegro flows from lake Skadar. These places are called Montenegrin Nice. If you go by boat from the lake directly along the river, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. These are untouched places where nature is the only master. These places seem incredible in the photo. Such pictures cause suspicion — is it photoshop? But these are real places where tourists sail.

To appreciate the local beauty at its true value, it is necessary to visit here. Pictures, even the most incredible, do not convey a tenth of the charm of these places. The journey to Skadar lake is impossible to forget.

Backwater of Skadar Lake, Montenegro
Река Церневича на Скадарском озере

Next, we will stop at the wild and beautiful sand and pebble beach, where you can enjoy the crystal clear water and warm sun, throwing away all worries and problems. After the rest we are waiting for perhaps the saddest part of the journey-the way back. But do not be in a hurry to get upset, because on the way we will pass through a dizzying mountain serpentine, which offers an incredible view of the entire Budva Riviera.

Excursion to Skadar lake you will remember as a bright, giving peace and inner warmth journey full of natural adventures and undisguised delights. Feel the inner comfort in the bosom of the nature of Montenegro together with the tour operator “Open Balkans”.

Пляж Песчанац на Скадарском озере

Lipa cave is a natural object that can be visited as part of an excursion to Skadar lake. The object has a karst origin, inside it is filled with shining stalagmites and stalactites — the cave is illuminated. Specially for tourists, lanterns were installed that illuminate all the most beautiful corners and objects inside, create a special atmosphere and help not to get lost.

Stalactites and stalagmites in the karst cave were formed over many thousands of years. This is the very embodiment of time. Nature creates its most magnificent masterpieces for a very long time. Drop by drop created this luxury that can be appreciated when visiting. Photos do not convey a hundredth part of what this natural miracle is. An excursion to the Lipa cave in Montenegro gives new impressions to tourists. Experienced travelers can compare it with other karst caves and note the features of this object. A visit to the cave is like an immersion in the mystery, an initiation into the natural mysteries.

The climate of the surrounding areas of Skadar lake is very favorable for the cultivation of wine grapes, so there are also wineries. At your request we will be able to go to one of these wine houses. On the tour you will learn the secrets of Montenegrin wine production, see how vineyards grow and taste several wine varieties. You can buy bottled wine at nice prices, as a souvenir to loved ones or for your pleasure.

Винория на Скадарском озере
Винодельня на Скадарском озере

Private tour to Skadar lake in Montenegro

Skadar Lake the National Park can be visited by a small group (2-4 people). This is a bird Kingdom, a real Paradise for birds. Vacationers will be able to see the most interesting and picturesque places of the protected area. Here you can take beautiful photos to remember your visit. It is allowed to make changes to the tour route, you can stay longer where ever you want.
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