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You can go to Albania from Montenegro without applying for an additional visa. Tourists will be SHOWN Skadar-the old Albanian city. There is a tourist street with old buildings. The Albanian part of the famous Skadar nature reserve is nearby. After Shkoder tourists will be brought to Tirana-the capital of the country, which is beautiful in its own way.

1-4 people 240 Euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
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Included in price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and parking
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Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English-speaking guide
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What to take:

  • passport
  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • duration is 12+ hours
  • suitable for all ages

During the tour from Montenegro to Albania, no visa is required, which greatly facilitates the life of tourists. Vacationers can start their tour in one country and continue in another. Albania is called “the last mystery of Europe” – it is surrounded by mysteries and has not yet been opened to Western man to the end. Visiting these places became possible only 13 years ago.


The tour to from Montenegro to Albania begins with the contemplation of the panorama of the island of St. Stephen. This is an elite Montenegrin resort with its beaches and attractions. The island is small, but there are many villas and houses. The old medieval buildings are now used by vacationers. This has a positive effect on the condition of the houses. Tourists can explore the island from afar and enjoy its exquisite beauty-it will set up a trip to Albania.

As many years ago, Sveti Stefan looks cozy. Houses with red tiled roofs are in perfect harmony with the surrounding beauty: blue sky, turquoise water of the Bay, greenery. The panorama opens not only to the island itself, but also to the surrounding surroundings.


Before an tour to to Albania, tourists pass a Bar. You can take a quick look at the old town. In the Old Bar are all the ancient sights and buildings. This place will be a real discovery for tourists who appreciate the ancient buildings and cultural attractions. The city for about 300 years was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, so there are many characteristic buildings: a stone aqueduct, a mosque, a tower. There is also a local aqueduct, which was built before the invasion of the Turks. While traveling in Albania, you can see the local ruins and compare impressions.
In the old Montenegrin city there are many olive groves and orchards. Passing here before a tour of Albania, vacationers will notice it. Nearby is a new part of the city with a large port. By the way, the old city used to be called anti-Barium.

Старый город Бар

Not far from Shkoder is the fortress of Rosafa. Today it is picturesque ruins that adorn the surroundings. It is believed that the fortress of Rosafa in Albania appeared in the III century BC, and its founders were Illyrians.

One beautiful story is connected with the Foundation of the fortification. According to legend, when Shkoder was founded in the IV century BC, it was also decided to put a fortification, a Fort. Three brothers built it, but could not complete the work-the building was collapsing. And then they decided to make a sacrifice.

The victim was the wife of the youngest of the brothers-the beautiful Rosafa. She was immured in the walls of the fortress with the baby, and only after that the work was completed. . However, this story is just a legend, there are several versions of history in Europe. During the tour of Albania, tourists will hear the most beautiful.

Rozafa castle ruins
Rozafa Castle and views
Крепость Розафа Албания

Usually after crossing the border of Albania, tourists get to Skadar, in Albanian-Shkoder. This is the old city, founded in the IV century BC. Here you can find many attractions: mosques, temples, old buildings. Along the way, tourists can see the bunkers, under the Shkoder is an old fortress. The history of Albania is full of surprises.

The city of Shkoder is based on the shore of lake Skadar, which is a tourist attraction in Montenegro. That is why Skadar is the most visited city in Albania from Montenegro. Many tourists can come to the country without a visa, and they actively use it. Of course, it is better to come with a guide — he will show the most interesting places. Open Balkans guides know Albania and its sights very well.

By the way, the Albanian city became only in the XX century, before that it belonged to Serbia. You can see contrasts in Scadar. On the roads, along with the popular Mercedes, there are also carts with donkeys. This is one of the features of the Albanian city. In the center there is a main tourist street with historical buildings of different periods. Skadar is a tolerant city, where tourists can see mosques, as well as Catholic and Orthodox churches. The tour of Albania will take place not only here.

Outside the village there are also attractions. Here is part of the Skadar lake, locally it is called lake Shkoder. The Bojana river flows out of the lake. Swimming and fishing are allowed on the lake. Although there are no equipped beaches-Shkoder is a national Park and reserve, not a resort.

One of the country attractions of Albania is the fortress of Rosafa. Today it looks dilapidated, but retains its charm. Also in these places you can see the majestic peaks of the mountains. The terrain sets up for contemplation and rest.

Albanian shopping

Shkoder is a city of contrasts. Travel in it will not leave anyone indifferent. Interesting urban landscape, where new buildings are adjacent to the old buildings, did not violate the integrity of the overall urban image. The facades of many old buildings were restored in the XIX century, which creates an incredible impression of “renewed antiquity”. As part of the tour, we will proceed to the historical part of the city, where the main attractions are concentrated.

You will see the relatively new Abu Bakr mosque, a realistic monument to Mother Teresa, a large Democracy square with a fountain installed in the center. The city charm is created by numerous cafes and shops, among which we will meet workshops and souvenir shops, where they make and sell silverware made in filigree technique.

Many tourists come to Albania to get acquainted with the traditions and culture of the indigenous population. For this purpose, many go to the national Museum of photography of the Marubi family in Shkoder, which is included in our excursion program. In the exhibition halls there are several hundred retro photographs of the XIX century. Visiting the exhibits, you will plunge into the world of the past and present, learn about the life and manners of the people of that time.

Shopping Albania
Архитектура и культура Шкодера

Another interesting place to visit in the city is the factory of handmade Venetian masks-the largest in Europe. The founders of the factory claim that more than 50% of the entire range of masks are made for Venetian carnivals. If you wish, we can go there. You will be able not only to see the entire range, but also to buy your favorite copies.

Фабрика венецианских масок в Шкодере
Фабрика венецианских масок в Албании

Next, our route will take you through the amazing city, surrounded by a fortress wall and located on a mountain top-the Castle of Croix. It offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. You will open the veil of history during the reign of the hero Skanderberg, visiting the urban landscapes, tasting the national cuisine and getting acquainted with the life of the local population. We will go to the market streets, where familiarity with the traditions of the city will be best. Here you can buy Souvenirs and national products, Antiques and, perhaps, to catch the creators of all this beauty at work.

Замок Круе
Албания мост
Замок Круе в Албании

An excursion tour to Albania captures a visit to the capital of Montenegro-Tirana. The city was founded in the XVII century, so it is younger than Shkoder. Tirana has a lot of attractions, among which there are interesting historical sites. We will walk through the square Skanderbeg, look at the national history Museum, going to see temples and mosques. Let’s see in the center of the city a colorful street with houses painted in different shades. Looking around the architecture of the city, you will see a mixture of several styles. Some houses are made in German, Ottoman and even Soviet styles.
Next, we will go to the unique attractions, in particular, to two-BunkArt 1 and BunkArt 2. In the past, these incredibly shaped buildings were real shelters from nuclear war and were owned by the dictator of Albania Enver Hoxha. In November 2014, they were opened to the public as museums, the exhibits of which narrate the past events under the rule of communism.

Tirana, Albania

In Albania, you can arrange a profitable shopping and take home jewelry, Italian brand clothes and shoes. Even in local shopping centers, the prices of these things will be much lower than in the countries from where they are brought. For the most profitable purchases it is better to go to the local markets, which are especially numerous in Tirana and Shkoder. The markets sell not only things, but also local products, inexpensive fruits and vegetables, drinks and more. Popular Souvenirs, in addition to clothes that tourists take home — are local olive oil, an assortment of spices, the legendary cognac “Skanderbeu”.

Going on a tour of Albania from Montenegro, you will discover a completely unique country full of contrasts. After all, Montenegro and Albania, although they are on different shores of the same Skadar lake, are completely different countries. Quench your thirst for discovery and adventure by booking an excursion to Albania from the tour operator “Open Balkans”. We know exactly what kind of vacation you will like, so we form a rich and exciting sightseeing routes. Join us!

Private tour to Albania from Montenegro

An experienced tourist can take an individual tour to Albania from Montenegro. Albania was not so long ago closed to the public, it remains exotic for many travelers. The guide will show tourists the fortress of Rosafa, guide you through the ancient streets of Tirana, and tell you about the history of The country. Here you can see the legacy of the past reflected in the architecture.
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