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to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje)

Tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje) from Montenegro opens the beauty of the neighboring country with a long history. Here vacationers will see the cultural monuments of the state and natural sites, try the legendary wine in Trebinje.

1-4 people 160 Euro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
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Included in price:

  • comfortable car
  • entrance ticket
  • toll roads and parking
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Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English speaking guide
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What to bring with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • clothes below the knees to visit the monastery
  • passport
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  • duration 7 + hours
  • suitable for all ages

Tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje) from Montenegro are visa-free for the most of the countries . This makes it much easier to travel from one country to another. Tourists primarily visit Trebinje – a city that is associated with excellent wine, Orthodox sights, plane trees and the sun. During the tour tourists will be visiting Gracanica, visit the monastery Tvrdos, discover the views of the river Trebisnjica.

Tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro (Trebinje)
Панорама города Требинье

Trebinje is an ancient city, the history of which began back in ancient times. Today, sights and a special pacifying atmosphere are preserved here. Arriving here, you must definitely visit the Old Town with its temples, mosques, old secular buildings. Tourists will be offered to visit Gracanica. This is a place of unique beauty, because Gracanica is a whole Orthodox complex. Pilgrims also arrive here.

Trebinje will amaze with its plantations: grapes and tobacco are still grown here. Local wine has a special taste and its very popular. The vineyards of Trebinje are connected with the history of the local monastery of Tvrdos.

Требинье Босния и Герцеговина

he cult object is located in Trebinje. This is a functioning monastery, the inhabitants of which are still preparing wine. The monastery has its own vineyards, and the wine is kept in local cellars. Tourists can go down and try the legendary sorts. The monks produce it using traditional technology. Local cellars were equipped in the XV century. Monks produce dry red “Vranac”, grape brandy, white wine.

Tvrdosh is based on the old foundation of the 4th century. They say that earlier on this place stood an old church, which was built by decree of Emperor Constantine. Then the building was dilapidated, collapsed and in its place a more grandiose structure was built.

15th-century Serbian Orthodox monastery Tvrdos, Trebinje, Bosnia
Vineyards and landscape of the city of Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Vineyards at sunset

Trebinje is a town on the river Trebisnica, where there is an ancient bridge. Tourists are shown a panorama of the river. The view is peaceful and picturesque. The bridge was built in the XVI century, today it is perfectly preserved. In catalogues it is known as the Perovic/Arslanagic Bridge. Do not confuse it with another famous object of the XVI century — the Old bridge, which stands in Mostar.

Traveling along the river, you can see the legendary irrigation system of vineyards. Also, in addition to grape plantations, tobacco fields will be opened to tourists. Here grows the legendary sort of Herzegovina Flor. This sort of tobacco was smoked by Stalin and Tito.

Mostar Bridge at night
Picturesque view of ancient city on river bank. Bosnia and Herz

After visiting the most beautiful places in the country, tourists return to Montenegro. The path runs through the Bay of Kotor. Kotor, Perast. You can enjoy the views, take a photo. Many people just fall in love with this route and come back here again and again. An excursion to Bosnia and Herzegovina opens up new facets of impressions for tourists. A professional guide in English tells the history of these places and legends associated with certain parts of the country.

Beautiful Montenegro

Private tour to Trebinje Bosnia

Private tour to Trebinje - a tour to a city with a long history. It has existed since ancient times and is known for its attractions. Special attention should be paid to the old city, where religious buildings are located: mosques, temples. During the tour, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a guide, you can easily find the local monastery, where wine is still made, harvesting in the monastery's own vineyards. The monastery is interesting not only for wine - it stands on an old foundation of the IV century. In Trebinje, everything breathes with old times - there are many interesting places.
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