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to Old Kotor Montenegro

During the tour to the old town of Kotor in Montenegro, tourists can admire the local temples, churches, square. Old streets keep the spirit of the past, while walking tourists seem to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the middle ages. The architecture of the old town is eastern and european. Despite the different influences, the buildings look great together.

1-4 people 50 EUROS
Group tour 15 EURO
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Tickets are included in the price!
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Included in the price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and parking
  • entrance fees to Kotor
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Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English speaking guide
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What to take with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • duration 2 hours
  • suitable for all ages

Old Kotor is a real gem of Montenegro. Today it is under the patronage of UNESCO. The city has experienced a turbulent history that has left its traces. If you look at the architecture of Old Kotor, it is easy to notice the influence of different cultures and eras. Tourists can take a tour with a guide and see the best sights of the city.

Tour to Kotor Montenegro
Kotor walking tour

There are three entrances to the old town, tourists get inside through the Sea gate, which immediately leads to the Armory square. Here guests will find a lot of interesting surprises – in the Central square, every stone keeps history.

Экскурсия в Которе Черногория

In Kotor there are many temples, in the old city there are also enough of them. There are preserved ancient buildings, the architecture of which will surprise and impress even the most experienced tourists. Looking at the local temples, you can see that some of them have traces of later restoration. It’s all about the earthquakes that regularly happen in the city. Old Kotor has experienced dozens of such earthquakes, the last of them occurred in 1979, after which the city was taken under UNESCO protection.

Local religious buildings were erected in different periods of history. The country could be under the rule of Venice or Austria-Hungary. And it had a major impact on architecture.

Церковь Святого Николая в старом городе Котора
Церковь Святого Луки в Которе
Церковь Святого Трифона – Котор

A walk through the streets of the old town is a real immersion in history. There is a bright Venetian trace-the local architecture as if was transferred from distant Venice. The effects of Venetian rule were not entirely lost. In addition to the houses there are other attractions, which will tell you more about the guide. Romantic tourists should know that these streets several times swept the plague. It is worth remembering about it, and these images yourself if you stand in front of the eyes.

Секреты старинных улочек Котора Черногория

In the old town there are real palaces, but they are built in a typical Montenegrin style and look like ordinary buildings. Therefore, tourists can easily pass by and not pay attention to the ancestral nests of noble families. These objects are unique — they have no analogues. There are quite a lot of palaces, they are scattered on the territory of old Kotor.

Дворец Котора Черногория
Дворец Котор

While walking through the ancient streets of Montenegro, tourists will see a lot of interesting things. Some buildings have old emblems, coats of arms, bas-reliefs. The heraldry of Montenegrin noble families is unfamiliar to many, but tourists do not need to know it to enjoy what they see. Usually coats of arms are placed on ancient palaces belonging to the local nobility.

Emblems are another attraction of these places. They were created in the old days, as now they make colorful signs — for advertising. However, emblems have certain advantages. Made of more durable materials, they retain their functionality for many years.

Lights on some houses are also old-there is no hurry to change what works properly. Old light sources seem to contribute to the preservation of a unique atmosphere.

Следы прошлого в Которе Черногория
Evening Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. Panoramas of the night city and fortress.

Tickets to the fortress are not included in the price of the main tour-the ascent can be ordered additionally. The guide will accompany you to the ascent of the fortress, tell you the history of this building. Tourists have to climb the steep narrow stairs and look inside. Visiting the fortress is filled with medieval romance.

Подъем на крепость в Которе Черногория

Private tour of Old Kotor in Montenegro

A private tour of Old Kotor in Montenegro is an immersion in the special world of the medieval town with its unique atmosphere and architecture. While walking through the streets of the old city, you can visit local churches and temples, visit the Armory square, and appreciate the palaces that have survived to this day. Walking through the streets of the city, you can miss the unique bas-reliefs and coats of arms, unless the guide reminds you of them. The guide will tell you the history of these bas-reliefs, their origin and significance. Old Kotor is not accidentally included in the UNESCO list — it is one of the most amazing cities in Montenegro.
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