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to the National Park of Prokletije

The nature of the national park is somehow reminding of the alps — this is the local Switzerland. There are no too many people and more endemic plants. The mountain panorama will impress even the most sophisticated traveler who has seen a lot. It is worth taking a camera with you — the pictures will be bright, and the impressions will be unforgettable.

1-4 people 250 EUROS
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
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The price includes: 
  • comfortable car
  • entrance tickets
  • toll roads and parking
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour

  • Licensed English speaking guide
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What to take with you: 
  • comfortable walking shoes
  •  swimsuit (depends on the weather)
  •  jacket (depends on the weather)
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Additionally :
  • duration of 14 + hours
  • suitable for all ages

The author’s individual excursion “Prokletije – the Alps of Montenegro National Park” will allow tourists to discover the country from a new side. Montenegro is so multifaceted that you can travel here for years, finding something new, unknown.


The mountain range and Prokletije National Park are located in the north-west of the country. This region is different from other regions of the country. The mountain range stretches for as much as 2 km. Tourists will enjoy a picturesque and unforgettable panorama. The route can be built individually – taking into account the wishes of vacationers. Most often it starts from the canyon of the Tsievna River, passes through the cities of Gusinje and Plav, the valley of Rapoyan to the springs of Ali Pasha and the waterfall of Grlya. These places are somewhat reminiscent of Switzerland.

Проклетие - национальный парк Черногории
Парк Проклетие
Национальный парк Проклетие Черногория
Парк Проклетие Черногория

If you walk 1 km south of the city of Gusinje, you can get to the legendary springs of Ali Pasha. This is a unique natural phenomenon — in a large area located at a level of 925 m above sea level, many springs come out of the ground at once. This place is surrounded by the most beautiful mountain landscapes. The territory occupied by the springs is about 300 m2. It is better to contemplate a natural phenomenon at sunset. During an individual tour, you can stop in these places and relax.

Источники Али-Паши

Plav lake is one of the pearls of the Prokletije National Park. This is a high-altitude lake, which is located on the northern slope of the mountain range. From the springs of Ali Pasha to the reservoir – about 10 km. Plav Lake is of glacial origin, it is located at an altitude of more than 900 m above sea level. The water in it is renewed 82 times a year. The lake is the main attraction of the municipality.

Here you can stop and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The guide will tell you about the history of these places and about the features of the reservoir.

Плавское озеро
The Komovi mountains are difficult to surprise tourists after Plav Lake, but the Komovi Mountains are a special case. Three mountain peaks with a height of more than 2 thousand meters each with a glacier is a place that cannot be missed. The peaks are surrounded by forests where beeches, firs, pines, oaks, firs, ash trees grow. Trees that are more than 400 years old grow closer to the peaks. Here it seems that Montenegro is a wild unexplored land. These places have changed little over the past centuries. Going here, it is better to take warm clothes. The guide will show tourists the local springs. There are endemic plants in these places.
Горный пейзаж Черногории
Ущелье Горло Соколово
Озеро в национальном парке Проклетие
Закат в национальном парке Проклетие
Закат в национальном парке Проклетие Черногория

Private tour to Prokletije National Park

Private excursion to Prokletije National Park is a bright tour that will allow you to see another Montenegro. This area is also called the “Montenegrin Alps— – it reminds Switzerland some places. The guide will show the most interesting sights of the National Park, including the lake Plav of glacial origin. The top local attractions will be there for you. What you see will take your breath away! This tour is for those who want to see the mountainous Montenegro from the other side and get new impressions. In the National Park, natural corners have been preserved in their original form.

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