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the Nevidio Canyon (Canyoning)

A walking tour of the Nevidio canyon accompanied by an experienced guide will give you a lot of emotions and a delicious sense of unity with nature. Elements of mountaineering, jumping into a natural pool from a height of several meters, overcoming sections of the route by swimming or wading – all this will make you feel alive and full of energy!

Mini group (price for 1 person) 170 EUROS
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено
The price includes: 
  • comfortable car
  • all equipment
  • lunch
Лицензированный гид
Conducts a tour :
  • Licenced English-speaking guide
  • an experienced instructor
Что взять с собой на экскурсию
What to take with you:
  •  comfortable walking shoes
  •  dry clothes
Дополнительная информация
 Additionally :
  • duration 8 hours tour
  •  canyoning lasts 3-4 hours

If you prefer extreme recreation – we invite you to go Hiking in the Nevidio canyon! This fascinating tour will allow you to visit one of the most mysterious and beautiful places in Europe (it was opened only in 1965), and at the same time test your own strength and dexterity.

This is a specific walking tour that takes place on the bottom of canyons (mountain river valleys with a narrow bottom and steep slopes). When passing this route, tourists overcome waterfalls, natural pools, rocky areas and other obstacles. Moreover, you have to move in the water: both along the river and against it.
Such trips in Montenegro require a certain physical endurance, as well as the ability to overcome difficult areas. Please note that the passage of the Invisible route involves jumping into the water, swimming and wading, descending and ascending with a rope, passing narrow sections of the route and other “tests”.
Каньонинг в Черногории
Walking tour of this canyon is a great opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful and unusual places in Montenegro. Almost no sunlight penetrates here, so there is little vegetation, and it has a peculiar appearance.
The most transparent water, picturesque outlines of rocks, mysterious semi-darkness, small areas with emerald greenery, fabulous waterfalls-you feel like you are entering a completely different world. In addition, an extreme tour in Montenegro is a wonderful adventure that allows you to test your endurance and get a good charge of adrenaline in a friendly team of like-minded people.
Пеший тур по Невидио
When you go on vacation in Montenegro and decide to allocate time for canyoning, you do not need to bring special equipment. All this is provided by the tour organizers.
Warm wetsuits, waterproof shoes, hard hats, ropes, launching devices, eights, carbines, safety systems-strapping and other equipment is issued on the spot. Of course, all this is selected according to individual sizes. Boats, canoes, kayaks and rafts are not needed – water obstacles are overcome by swimming or wading.
Canyoning in Montenegro is extremely exciting, but also dangerous. Therefore, even the most experienced travellers in any case should not be neglected by a number of rules:
1. You should be able to swim, not be afraid to jump into the water from a height, not be afraid of moderate physical activity, not have serious problems with excess weight.
2. Go on a guided tour only with an experienced canyoning guide. He knows the route and what can be “expected” from each of its sections. The route along Nevidio is specific: for example, you can’t turn back – you will have to finish the journey after starting it.
3. Don’t go to Invisible canyon alone! If you still want to take a risk and try your hand yourself-go as a group. There are sections that cannot be overcome without assistance.
In addition, you must understand that you will have to go along very high vertical rocks – this is a relatively closed space. And there is almost no sunlight here. If such an atmosphere affects you depressingly-the canyoning tour is unlikely to give you pleasure.
Поход на большой каньон в Черногории
Canyoning, the price of which depends on the complexity and duration of the route, includes: selection of equipment;
 training in canyoning skills;
 Hiking on the Rodeo;
lunch (or 2 meals, if the wild tour is long);
from the beginning to the end of the tour, you are accompanied by an experienced guide.
The standard price for the” classic ” version is 150 euros per person.
Тур по Невидио Черногория

Каньонинг экскурсия

Каньонинг экскурсия в Черногории

Каньонинг тур

Каньонинг экскурсия в Черногории по каньонам

Walking tour of canyon Nevidio is a private tour with canyoning

Private tour – walking tour of the Nevidio canyon (canyoning) is designed for those who appreciate extreme recreation or travel with extreme elements. Accompanied by a guide, you will have to walk along the bottom of the canyon without using kayaks, boats and other equipment. Before the tour, travelers will get warm wetsuits and various equipment to avoid getting lost. A trip through the Nevidio canyon is not only a thrill, but also a beautiful panorama. Participation in such a hike with a guide makes the event safe even for beginners who have recently become familiar with the rules.
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