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gastronomic tour to the Oyster farm. Perast, Kotor and Tivat

Choose a fascinating journey through Perast, Kotor, Tivat and Porto Montenegro, from the tour operator “OPEN BALKANS”. Feel the spirit of ancient architecture and enjoy the pristine nature of Montenegro, as part of a day trip. You will enjoy a gastronomic tour to the famous Montenegrin oyster farm with the freshest seafood of the Adriatic sea.

1-4 people 160 еvro
groups on request
Tickets are included in the price!
В стоимость экскурсии включено

Included in the price:

  • comfortable car
  • toll roads and Parking
  • entrance fees to Kotor
  • entrance tickets to the Church and Museum on the island of the Virgin Mary
  • boat to the island Our lady of the Rock
Лицензированный гид

Conducts a tour:

  • licensed English speaking guide
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What to take with you:

  • comfortable walking shoes
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  • duration 7 + hours
  • suitable for all ages
  • the oyster farm menu you pay by yourself

Have you been on many classic excursions or are you just going to go on your first tour of Montenegro? Then a gastronomic tour to an oyster farm in Montenegro will be a real discovery for you. This unique tour is a combination of a fascinating tour of the most beautiful and ancient cities of Montenegro with a gastronomic twist. You will go to the local oyster farm, where you will taste the freshest seafood of the Adriatic.


Gastronomic tour to Montenegro starts from Budva. The program is rich, so we leave early in the morning. The First stop is the old town of Kotor. The settlement is located in the most picturesque Bay of Kotor. We will walk through the winding streets between medieval buildings, admire the old palaces of the rulers and the houses of local residents. Along the way you will hear stories about the founding of the city and the traditions of the settlement. Then, go to the Bay of Kotor and admire the views. Next, let’s go to the next point of our program.

Kotor walking tour
Церковь Святого Николая в старом городе Котора
Церковь Святого Луки в Которе
Церковь Святого Трифона – Котор

The gastronomic tour will continue in a small town with a population of about 400 people — Perast. One of the most beautiful and ancient settlements of Montenegro once served as a Keeper in the Bay of Kotor. In the waters of the Straits of Verige, opposite Perast, at that time great iron chains were stretched at the appearance of undesirable vessels in the Bay. You will find a walking tour of the ancient streets and inspection of seemingly untouched by time monuments. Then, if you wish, you can go to the island of the Virgin Mary and see the Church of the same name — the only building on this amazing stronghold.

Пераст: город в стиле барокко
Церковь Святого Николая, Пераст, Черногория

Located near Perast, the artificial island Our Lady of the Rock is a revered place for the inhabitants of the entire Boko-Kotor Bay. Here still remember a long, 200-year period “raising” it from the water. Therefore, in honor of this event for many years, fashinada is celebrated, with throwing stones into the water near the island and praying in an ancient temple. We will walk with you across the 3000-meter square of this incredible stronghold, and see the ancient Church of the Virgin Mary the lighthouse and the national Museum. Of particular interest is the decoration of the Church, in the form of an altar of four types of marble, an ancient icon and a legendary icon which a local sailor’s wife embroidered for 25 years using the most complex technology, using several types of expensive threads and even her own hair.

Castle on the lake in Montenegro
Sunset on the lake in Montenegro
Бока- Которская бухта Черногория
Gastronomic tour to the oyster farm
After Kotor and Perast, we will go to the heart of our tour – to the oyster-mussel farm of Montenegro, located next to Kotor. The owners of the farm offer guests to see the conditions under which mollusks are grown, taste several dishes of oysters and taste delicious wine. After lunch, you can relax a bit on the coast in comfortable sunbeds.
It is not easy to say about oyster farms in Montenegro – which one is better. All 20 plantations in the country are private farms, which are lovingly looked after by the owners, or even all members of their families. A tour of the oyster farm is a unique opportunity to taste delicious dishes from fresh Adriatic clams and enjoy the incredible views of the Bay of Kotor.
Устричная ферма в Каменари
Устричная ферма в Черногории с рестораном

Our tour in Montenegro does not end with a trip to the oyster farm, although it takes most of the time in the program. On the way back to Budva we will visit the majestic Tivat despite the fact that you have probably already been in this city, on arrival at the local international airport, we will examine it in a little more detail, and the guide will show interesting places and tell the history of the city.

Деловые организации

Тиват Черногория

The next stop is in the most expensive and beautiful Marina in Montenegro- Porto Montenegro. We will walk along its perfect promenade, with dozens of white moored yachts-the local city landmark.

Embark on an unforgettable and unique adventure in Montenegro-a gastronomic tour to the Oyster farm, with visits to Kotor, Perast, Tivat and Porto Montenegro. Book a tour and get ready to enjoy the unique emotions. Your reliable tour operator ” Open Balkans».

Порто Монтенегро Тиват
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