Luxury beaches in Montenegro are easy to find. Tourists can visit the Budva Riviera, visit Sveti Stefan or come to Petrovac. Vacationers are waiting for a clean coastline, thoughtful infrastructure, the availability of tents for food and places with rental equipment for various sports. Diving and snorkeling are popular in the area.

Many tourists are looking for resorts in Montenegro by the sea with a sandy beach. Tired of gray everyday life travelers, first of all, touch the best sandy beaches of Montenegro for holidays with or without children. The coast of the country stretches for 117 km. in the waters of the Adriatic, guests are sure to find a place to their liking. It’s hard to say for sure where the best places in the country are. On the territory of several Riviera, and popular places much more.

Site selection

Отдых на Ада БоянаTourists like the resorts of Montenegro with sandy beaches, in the country there are still pebbly and rocky, in lagoons and gorges ones. There are 25 elite beach areas in the country, which have received the Blue flag and allow you to enjoy the cleanest water and perfect sand. Depending on what beaches are needed, you can choose a place to stay.

On the Bar Riviera the beaches are pebble, on Budva — pebble-sand, on Kotor — concrete, near Tivat — sand and concrete, on Herceg Novi  — rocky. Ulcinj beaches in Montenegro are known for their special basalt sand, which has healing properties.

What kind of beaches we have in Montenegro

Пляжи в ЧерногорииIf tourists are not looking exclusively for sandy beaches of Montenegro, visitors can relax on Kamenovo. It is among the best beaches on the Budva Riviera. It is clean, located in a picturesque area. On the territory it is easy to find umbrellas and sun loungers, there are cafes for a snack.

Jaz beach in Montenegro is also interesting. It is hidden on both sides by mountains, secluded position makes the territory secluded. Part of the site is covered with sand. The city (Budva) is far away, there are no settlements nearby. Choosing the quiet beaches of Budva in Montenegro, you should come to Kamenovo or Jaz.

The beaches of Petrovac na Moru in Montenegro

Пляж в ПетровацBuljarica is a village with a beach located near Petrovac. Recreation area is from sand and pebbles. Crystal clean water, far from shore you can see the bottom. The entrance to the water is quite gentle. The length of the beach spit is 2.5 km.

Interesting place-Lucice, pebble-sand spit in a picturesque pine Bay, it is easy to feel the solitude and merge with nature. Despite the privacy, the beach is landscaped. Various activities are available to tourists. Choosing the sandy beaches of Montenegro for families with children, it is worth staying here.

Beaches of Becici, Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Rafailovici in Montenegro are waiting for vacationers. Most — public, to private more difficult. The difference is small: private are available for money or only to hotel guests, they belong to hotels and Islands. Public not less picturesque, rather even contrary-more interesting, than private.

Plavi Horizonti and  Sveti Stefan

Прогулка возле острова святой СтефанIf you choose the most picturesque and beautiful beaches, it will be Plavi Horizonti and Sveti Stefan. The first beach is in Lustica, easily accessible in 15 minutes from Tivat and Kotor. It is a great choice at any age. The coastal area is covered with perfect fine sand. The entrance to the water is gentle and long. It is convenient to use the beach for children and adults. Vacationing with children here, tourists will not worry for their safety.

Plavi Horizonti is a beach surrounded by olive and pine trees. Its territory is fully landscaped: there are sports grounds, locker rooms, showers, parking. Umbrellas and sunbeds are provided on the shore.

Sveti Stefan belongs to a closed island-hotel. If tourists stay there, they will have access to the best of Montenegrin beaches. It has no drawbacks and is suitable for all categories of vacationers.

Будванская Ривьера ЧерногорияOne of the public beaches is Becici. The place is located not far from Budva and has a high workload. Due to the large length of the coastal spit on the sand there is enough space for tourists. Travelers arriving at the peak of the season will notice that the territory is free. The area is covered with small pebbles and sand, it is almost like a sandy beach.

Becici has a rescue service, a specialist will help in a difficult situation. There is a guarantee of safety of vacationers. Rescuers will help an adult and a child. They are constantly watching and noting what is happening. There is parking and you can leave the without a problem. There are a lot of cars in the parking lot, but it is roomy. Hundreds and thousands of tourists come here. Vacationers have enough places to go to the water is easy. Finding a free car is also easy.

Rating of 8 best beaches in Montenegro

4 лучших пляжа Черногории для семейного отдыха с детьмиIn summer, the Adriatic coast of Montenegro is covered with a dense layer of tourists from Europe. Here everyone is attracted by incredible landscapes, warm and clean sea, comfortable climate, excellent infrastructure and high level of service. Among vacationers have already compiled a rating of the best beaches of Montenegro, which were allocated from the huge variety of sandy and pebble shores of the country for various characteristics. Here are two groups of the best sandy beaches of Montenegro for families with children and young people.

4 best beaches in Montenegro for families with children

Among the best beaches in Montenegro for families with children are those coasts, which, first of all, are safe for little fidgets. Smooth sandy strip, gentle and shallow entrance to the water, the absence of high waves and undercurrents. To this can be added convenient infrastructure and transport accessibility.

1. Plavi Horizonti

Пляж Плави ХоризонтиThe best beach in Montenegro for families with children, according to travelers, tourist portals and reviews. Located in a secluded Cove of the Tivat Riviera and bordered by pine trees and olive plantations — it is a cozy place. There is natural shade and walks. 300-meter coast with fine sand and a gentle entrance to the water.

The beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, which can be rented for a fee. Economical tourists are located on towels on the sand. In high season it is crowded, so for a relaxing holiday, many choose a secluded plateau on the rocks, located away from the beach.

2. Lucice

Пляж ЛучицеAnother shore, located in a small Bay, but the Budva Riviera — with crystal clear water, soft waves and a gentle entrance to the water. It is surrounded by rocks and coniferous forests, there is a Playground, well hidden in the shade. It is on the second place of the rating in the category “the Best beaches in the resorts of Montenegro for families with children”. However, in the peak season there is a large concentration of tourists.

You can be placed on two sides: equipped with sunbeds and “wild” – on the sand. In the side with sunbeds will be more comfortable and calmer, because the main cluster of vacationers prefer not to spend money on equipment. Tired of passive tanning, you can book a short boat trip along the shore.

3. Velika Plaza

Пляж Велика ПлажаIn the reviews many visitors are screaming about where the best beaches in Montenegro are, in its place of honor is the beach of Velika Plaza. In width 60 meters and length as much as 13 kilometers-a unique coast with fine, basalt sand, located in the Ulcinj Riviera. There is a gentle entrance to the water, there are no level differences in depth and a lot of water and land entertainment. One minus — during not really hot days it is quite windy here.

On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or stay “free” on the sand-on a Mat or towel. The place is popular among the fans of kitesurfing and on the shore there are several cafes where you can have a hearty meal.

4. Trsteno

Пляж ТрстеноCompletes the top four from the section which beach in Montenegro is better. The beach is just 8 kilometers from Budva, named one of the best in Montenegro. Despite the small sandy line of 100 meters, families love this beach for the comfortable conditions for swimming with young children. Fine sand, no waves, thanks to the surrounding rocks, and warm water, which is well warmed up in early June.

The entrance is gentle, there are no sharp changes in the depth, which begins 50 meters from the shore. Through the clear water, the bottom is perfectly visible for several meters, which is enjoyed by snorkelers. The beach is fully equipped, there are several cafes where delicious dishes are prepared.

4 best beaches of Montenegro for younger visitor

Among the best beaches in Montenegro for youth recreation are those of the coast which are not suitable for a family holiday. After all, the main thing here is the developed infrastructure and an abundance of water and land entertainment, which are so beloved among those tourists who like to spend time actively on the beach.

1. Mogren

Пляж МогренIn the first place of the rating — a very picturesque beach Mogren, near Budva. There is coarse sand mixed with fine, quite steep entrance to the water and a stone at the bottom. Tourists are attracted here by the incredible rocky-forest landscape, and for the sake of it they are willing to sacrifice the soft sandy bottom. The territory is fully landscaped, but in peak season there are many tourists.

The surrounding scenery is so picturesque that on the path leading to the shore, often formed human traffic jams because of many photos. Not everyone knows, but the beach is divided by a high rock into two sections, which are connected by a wooden bridge. One side – with a wide sandy line and crowded, the other-with a narrow, but tourists are much less.

2. Ploce

Пляж ПлочеAmong the best hotels in Montenegro with a sandy beach is to highlight those that are located near the coast of Ploce. There is a huge variety of active entertainment, including restaurants and clubs. Tourists are attracted by 4 luxurious swimming pools with regularly updated clean water and a tower for jumping into the sea. In general, there is everything for a “breakaway” youth holiday.

The shore of the beach is very different from the sand. It looks like a rocky plateau, divided into several terraces-ledges. The entrance to the water is rocky, there are sea urchins, so special shoes will not hurt when swimming.

3. Ada-Bojana

Пляж Ада-БоянаIn the Ulcinj Riviera is located the world — famous beach for nudists-Ada Bojana. There is warm water, healing mineral sand and warm water in which you can swim for a long time. The beach is fully equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms. There are two separate entrances: for nudists and vacationers in swimsuits.

The beach attracts a wide and long sandy line, the absence of winds. Along the perimeter of the shore there are small cafes where you can eat fresh seafood. Guests can choose from a wide range of water activities and equipment: kitesurfing, parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing.

4. Jaz

Пляж ЯзVery picturesque beach, 3 kilometers from Budva. There is a long coast with sand and pebble sand. Good, gentle entrance to the water, without differences in depth. There is no wind, and with it high waves. The beach is often chosen for music concerts, so lovers of music and dance it will especially appeal.

There is a well-developed infrastructure: there are sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, racks for changing, toilets. On the perimeter there are cafes where you can eat tasty and hearty. You can rent kayaks, catamarans, jet skis, if bored passive “wallowing” on the beach.

Now you know where to find the best sandy beaches in Montenegro. This is where your holiday will be accompanied by a storm of fun and active entertainment, or beaches with a calm and quiet atmosphere. In any case, you will not be mistaken with the choice. After determining the best beaches of Montenegro on photos and reviews, on the map on the Internet, you will understand that there are no bad coasts for recreation in the country. However, it is better to trust the compiled rating and personally verify its truthfulness. And the tour operator “Open Balkans” will help in the organization of the most unforgettable trip to Sunny Montenegro.

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