Active holidays

rafting in the green canyon
Rafting and Piva Lake Montenegro

Rafting and visit to Pivsko lake is an opportunity to organize active rest and spend your time great. The lovers of rafting can arrange it in the summer, when the weather is favorable.

Paragliding in Montenegro
Paragliding in Montenegro

In Montenegro, there are interesting places, ideal for paragliding. The wing can be rented for a CERTAIN period. To be able to fly is not the necessary – tourists can learn to control the paraglider. The first flights are carried out only with the instructor. Later on guests are already acquiring some experience and they can rise into the air alone.

Diving in Montenegro

In Montenegro there are many places for diving. The local waters are ideal for research with a mask and a balloon. Many experienced divers come to Montenegro with their equipment and also they are some begginers too. Your instructors in the will teach you how to dive for a short period of time, observing safety precautions. Diving on the coast of the country is absolutely safe if you follow all the rules.

Экскурсия Гранд Каньоны и Рафтинг в Черногории - 2 дня
Tour The Grand Canyons

Excursion to canyons and rafting for 2 days in Montenegro takes place among the picturesque mountainous terrain. During the two days of the tour, travelers will see the most interesting places of the country. During the tour, they will also make rafting on the Tara river. Equipment is provided.

Tour of canyoning in the Nevidio Canyon

A walking tour of the Nevidio canyon accompanied by an experienced guide will give you a lot of emotions and a delicious sense of unity with nature. Elements of mountaineering, jumping into a natural pool from a height of several meters, overcoming sections of the route by swimming or wading – all this will make you feel alive and full of energy!

Экскурсия в Дурмитор

Экскурсия в Дурмитор – это возможно увидеть один из красивейших национальных парков Черногории. Дурмитор включен в список ЮНЕСКО с 1980 года – это уникальное по красоте место. Парк известен пихтово-еловым лесным массивом, ледниковыми озерами и горными вершинами, родниками и пещерами. Для туристов разработан специальный маршрут с красивыми видами. Они посетят лучшие города Черногории и увидят самые интересные достопримечательности Дурмитора.

In Montenegro, you can organize any kind of active holiday. Here is an amazing coast, and the depths of the Bay and the Adriatic sea are just calling you to dive with a mask or to go for scuba diving. There are a lot of divers in Montenegro, right on the spot you can learn everything and rent equipment. Similarly, vacationers can organize rafting on the Tara river. Rafting is available during the summer, when the flow becomes more calm. Even on the territory of Budva Riviera locals organize flights with a paraglider. It is a safe area with the perfect landscape for such flights. The first flights are happening with an instructor, landing at the sandy beach.

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