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Ostrog monastery in Montenegro. The unique monastery in the rock
Tour to the Ostrog and Cetinje monastery

The main holy places of Montenegro could be considered Cetinje monastery and the monastery of Ostrog. Cetinje is the old capital of the country and Ostrog monastery is even more impressive. It was founded by saint basil of Ostrog. With this monastery there are many stories speaking about miracles. The building miraculously survived during the second world war. In the rock near the monastery there is vine growing straight from the rock.

Skadar Lake – «Zeta Athos»
Skadar Lake – «Zeta Athos»

Zeta Athos is a group of orthodox Monasteries located on the islands of Skadar lake. Tourists will visit Virpazar to make a real cruise on Skadar lake, to see many places of worship, with its unique atmosphere and design. Special attention during the trip will be given to Kom Monastery of the xv century and monastery Vranjina from the XIII Century.

Четыре святыни Черногории: монастыри Цетине - Подгорица - Пива - Острог
Tour of the monasteries of Cetinje - Podgorica - Piva - Ostrog

Four shrines of Montenegro were built at different times. Some arose in a difficult period for the country, when Montenegro was under the rule of the ottomans, others completed the construction only in the xxi century. The newest object is the cathedral in Podgorica, which was completed only in 2013. Today it strikes the imagination with its majesty.

Pilgrimage tours in Montenegro

Montenegro — a country with a rich historical past, which preserved ancient temples, cathedrals, monasteries. Religious monuments with preserved relics attract tourists-pilgrims. A trip to the Holy places opens the treasures of the Orthodox world to the vacationers. Excursions and pilgrimages are held throughout the country.

Shrines of the country

Pilgrimage tours in Montenegro are taking you to such famous shrines as the Cetinjski monastery, the monastery of Moraca, Ostrog, Piva and St. Trifon in Kotor. Also very famous is the Church of Our Lady of The Rocks. In Podgorica, you can visit the Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Kotor there are two famous Orthodox churches: St. Luke and St. Nicholas. The most popular destinations when we speak about pilgrimage are Ostrog, Cetinje and Podgorica.

Ostrog and Cetinje

Ostrog is one of the most famous Montenegrin monasteries.Pilgrims should visit this place for sure. The name of St. Basil of Ostrog, whose relics are kept here, is connected with the many miracles that are happening at the monastery. Also at the monastery there are relics of some other martyrs too.
Saint Basil of Ostrog Vasily is known as a miracle worker, he was engaged in healing and did not distinguish people of different religions. Pilgrimage tours to Ostrog monastery are popular all over the world. This is a complex which contains from two churches: Presentation of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross. Between the temples there is a narrow path. Pilgrims pass through it on foot. It is believed that the monastery is a place of prayer and there is a special spiritual atmosphere too.
Cetinje is considered the center of Orthodox Montenegro. Cetinje monastery was built 500 years ago, when the city was still the Montenegrin capital. It is believed that the founder of the monastery is Ivan Crnoevic, who promised when he got back home, to build the monastery. He kept his promise. On the territory of the monastery is the Church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Monasteries Moraca and Piva

The bus tour to the monastery of Moraca is as part of the Canyons tour, as well as during the specialized pilgrimage tours. Morača monastery is in use and they are few monks that take care of the monastery. The complex was founded in the XIII century, it is located next to the river of the same name on the banks of the canyon. Many tourists are attracted by the local landscapes. However, pilgrims should focus on communicating with local people.
On the territory of the monastery there are two churches: St. Nicholas and church dedicated to the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God. The complex is fenced from the outside world by a wall. Inside you can see ancient artifacts and frescoes, which are well preserved. At the monastery there are Holy relics — the hand of St. Charalambos.
A little further is the Piva monastery, built in the XVI century. It was moved when the authorities decided to build a hydroelectric power station. However, the materials of construction are identical. The object is simply disassembled and assembled in another place. It is located in a fairly secluded place. The relics of several saints are kept here. There is a healing spring on the territory of the monastery.

Shrines of Kotor

When you decide to visit Kotor it is possible to visit several churches. The local attraction is the monastery of St. Trifon from the XII century. However, it is Catholic, so not everyone will be interested in it. But Orthodox today is the Church of St. Luke’s . Initially it was Catholic, then inside it used to have two altars. Later, the Catholic altar was removed.
Church of St. Nicholas in Kotor also belongs to Orthodox. Twice a day there are services at the church. The Church is not old, but it is quite interesting. You have to take a look inside and pay attention to the iconostasis which is impressing.

Church on the island

The Church Our Lady of the Rocks is more a Museum than a temple. However, it deserves the attention of pilgrims. Here are stored artifacts from the past. The temple was built on a man-made island. It protects travelers and sailors. A small building of the XVII century is painted by a famous painter. Tourists come here during sightseeing and pilgrimage tours. The object is located near the town of Perast in the Bay of Kotor.

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