Black Lake

Black lake in Montenegro

Black lake is located in the Durmitor national Park in Montenegro. It is located near Tara canyon and from the town of Zabljak. Here you can fish by purchasing a daily license.

Black lake is located in the Durmitor national Park in Montenegro. It is located near Tara canyon and from the town of Zabljak. Here you can fish by purchasing a daily license.

Black lake in Montenegro is located near the town of Zabljak. The chosen name is not accidental. It is necessary to climb on Bobotov cook, and from above depths of waters will seem black. The reservoir is called lake Mountain eyes — in fact, two lakes. Large pond has a maximum depth of 25 meters and small-50 meters.

Black lake in Montenegro: how to get thereЧерное озеро Черногория

It is not enough to find the Black lake in Montenegro on the map — you need to choose the best route and get there without incident. Mountain roads can be dangerous. The ideal way to get there is as part of a prepared tour. Experienced guides will be able to deliver tourists without incident. Every little thing matters-from the chosen path to the speed of cars and weather.

People come here as part of bus tours and individual excursions-it all depends on the wishes of tourists and the budget. The Black lake in Zabljak makes an impression. Experienced travelers compare it to the Rizza lake. The reservoir is also surrounded by mountain peaks and stands out for its tranquility. The water surface is perfectly smooth in good weather.

Choosing a tour, it is necessary to simultaneously explore the associated attractions: Tara river canyon, Durmitor national Park, Moraca canyon, ancient fortresses, monasteries, shrines. A small area of Montenegro is filled with many interesting places, the sights seen will long be remembered by travelers.

Black lake on photosЧерное озеро Черногории

Black lake in Montenegro on the photo is displayed differently than it looks in reality. A video camera, a camera, a smartphone is worth taking, but you should not expect that the picture will convey the beauty of the original. Many tourists seek to capture the charms of the reservoir, but bring only a faded copy. Not to say that he’s “not photogenic”. Rather, the pond is too beautiful, the pictures just can not convey the nuances.

The natural attraction has a special atmosphere. Peace and quiet, reigning here, remain with the traveler for a long time. He will keep with him a piece of the unique atmosphere. Black lake attracts many tourists to return to these places many times.

Recommendations for travelersВид на Черное озеро в Черногории

Visiting the Black lake (Zabljak, Montenegro), it is worth seeing alternative attractions: Park, canyon, bridge over the canyon, zipline. They offer many opportunities for recreation. Here you can fish for a fee. Fans of fishing can spend the whole day on the pond. About the fishing conditions should be clarified beforehand with the guide. He will explain what types of fishing are allowed in the territory. Avid fishermen spend their time, competing who cought more.

For a complete immersion in the atmosphere is to stay in Zabljak and live at least two or three days. On foot to the reservoir tourist can get from the city in 15-20 minutes. In some periods there is a peaceful atmosphere-there are almost no tourists. It is important to remember that the water temperature here is lower than in conventional lakes. The object is located in the mountains, on a hot day the water temperature is about 20 degrees. It is recommended to take with you dry clothes and a towel so that you can change immediately after swimming.

The attraction is located in the Durmitor national Park, a protected natural area. It is very beautiful, the Park is a separate attraction. After swimming, you can take a walk, explore the surroundings. In cool weather, you can also walk here, but you should not swim any more — the water temperature is rapidly falling. Even a small excursion to these places leaves a lot of positive impressions.

About the Black lakeЧерное озеро

Black lake or Crno jezero in Montenegro — is a picturesque glacial reservoir with deep blue water. It is also called Black lake in the black forest, because of the surrounding dark relict pines and firs. Tourists expect a fabulous beauty – underfoot spreads thick moss, lush grass and unique vegetation, and in front-the mirror surface of the lake and a dense forest in a haze.

Many people are interested, looking at the photo, why the Black lake in Montenegro is “black”. The origin of the name is associated with the color of lake waters. From the shore you can see a bright turquoise hue, but rising high in the mountains and looking down at a small piece of water, it becomes obvious that the lake changes color to a dark blue, almost black. This is due to the black algae inhabiting the reservoir, which make the lake actually “black”.

Black lake consists of two reservoirs: Large and Small, separated by a small strip of shallows. However, you can see the separation only in the summer, when the water level drops. The rest of the year the lake looks solid. At the same time, the depth of the Small Black lake is twice as large as the second reservoir-50 vs. 26 meters.

What to see and do on Black lakeВид на Черное озеро

The territory of the Black lake is cut with 3.5 kilometers of Hiking trails — a long enough route to walk enough. Since the Black lake in Montenegro is part of the Durmitor National Park, it does not take much time to walk to all the attractions of the Park from the Black lake. A popular Hiking trail leads to the highest mountain peak in Montenegro-Bobotov Kuk. Its height is 2525 meters. Other trails lead to smaller lakes. There are 18 of them in the National Park.

The weather in Black lake is comfortable at any time of the year, however, the place is not quite suitable for swimming. Water in the hottest summer month warms up to only 20 C. therefore, tourists often rest here in a different way-camping, fishing, swimming on the lake by boat, picking mushrooms and berries in the forest and enjoy the cleanest mountain air. In winter, when the Black lake in Montenegro is covered with ice, it’s time to ski and skate.

Everyone who goes to rest on the Black lake is useful to know that there is a well-developed infrastructure. There are many benches for recreation, placed around the perimeter of the lake and along the paths, special areas for camping, cafe and restaurant, boat rental, Bicycle rental and sports equipment, several observation decks and gazebos. All objects are installed without interfering with the natural landscape and natural Park environment.Окрестные территории Черного озера

Tourists have access to an extensive list of activities on the lake and in its surroundings: swimming on a rowing boat, paid fishing, swimming, organized hikes, excursions to open caves, camping in strictly designated areas, picnics, collecting mushrooms, herbs and berries in the forests of the Park. One of the favorite places for vacationers — a restaurant with delicious national dishes, located near the shore of the lake.

The surrounding area of Black lake is a great place for mountaineering, extreme rafting, skiing and skating and hiking. It is worth taking care of the safety of rest, especially if you go to Montenegro for the first time. It is better to book an individual tour, where an experienced guide will inform you about the safety measures in the area, will show all the tourist places and will accompany you on the route.

Tourists who do not know where to find the Black lake, we recommend to see the reservoir on the map of Montenegro, near the town of Zabljak, in the Northern part of the country.

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