Moraca monastery in Montenegro

Monastery Moraca in Montenegro

Moraca monastery was founded during the XIII century. Today that is a monastery in use often visited by pilgrims and tourists. The church was built in typical rasko- byzantine style which is pretty simple and rough.

Moraca is a monastery in Montenegro, visited by tourist groups, a religious object known in the country. In every corner of Montenegro, travelers will be shown how to get to the place. The monastery is visited by religious tourists, atheists. Orthodox travelers come here to see a significant religious object in the country. Atheists and supporters of alternative denominations simply enjoy serenity and peace.

HistoryМонастырь Морача в Черногории

In Montenegro, the Morača Monastery appeared in the 13th century. Moraca is quite an old cult object. The first stone was laid by local princes. After on a dark period has begun in history, Turkish rule was established in the Balkans. Moraca Monastery at that time was destroyed, empty, but the main buildings were preserved. Dozens of years have passed, and the object was restored. During the XVI century, the temple was ennobled by updating the decoration, interior painting.

Today in the temple you can see the old painted ceilings, arches. The painting was done by old masters, then the colors faded, and in some places the drawing suffered. Centuries later, the painting was updated. The last update work was carried out by craftsmen from Kotor in the XVIII century.

Not far from the monastery is a church, it is considered quite old. The exact date of construction has not been established. The monks are sure that the building is older than the main temple.

Visit to the monastery Монастырь Морача

Monastery Moraca in Montenegro – a complex of buildings, built in the Romanesque style. The architecture is unlikely to impress tourists. Romanesque style is restrained and concise. Similar buildings can be seen in different countries, where ancient castles and monasteries are preserved. In contrast to the airy and pretentious Gothic, the Romanesque style is strict, squat. It has few details, but such buildings are guaranteed to be old. What to see when u come here? Eyesight of the monastery – frescoes, old paintings. The interior of the church looks impressive. The frescoes inside are made in the typical Byzantine style. They are the real heritage of history. You will especially pay attention to the interior decoration in the interiors. Inside there are a lot of old artifacts that serve to the many different generations of believers. Arriving in the summer, you should take a walk in the local garden. Monastery in Montenegro is marked by immaculate lawns, beautiful well-groomed paths, an abundance of greenery. Limes, kiwis, cacti, tangerines grow on the ground, and a stream flows through the garden. Behind the stream follow, the monks created an artificial bed. Tourists compare the territory adjacent to the monastery with a paradise garden.  The central temple of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God is considered to be the main building at the monastery complex. It was built in the XIII century, and in the XVI century it was restored after the destruction. The object has a distinctive design. A small secondary church located on the territory of the monastery is considered old, although nothing is known about the date of its construction. The relics of the martyr Kharlampy are kept in the monastery; these relics will be especially interesting for believers.

What else to do? Мужской монастырь Морача

Located in Montenegro, Moraca’s male monastery is often visited by tourists during the excursions. During this time, believers have time to visit the temples, put a candle, pray, and even talk with the monks. There are seven of them living at the monastery. Atheists and supporters of the other denominations, once here, can just simply relax. This area has a special atmosphere. Tourists can even feel a special peace and tranquility. There is a source located on the territory of the monastery. Local water is available to drink, it is clean and tasty. Not far from the complex there is a cafe, where you can spend some extra time.

Directions Как добраться до монастыря Морача

Moraca Monastery is easy to find on the map, but tourists still need to find the best route. As mentioned above, usually a church is visited as part of an excursion to the sights of Montenegro. Tourists can visit Budva, visit Podgorica, Kolasin, Moraca canyon. Then they come to the monastery, spend time here and go on. They are waited by a view on a canyon on the river Tara, a national park and other interesting objects.
In just a few days travelers explore the most interesting places in the country. When visitors like a particular place, they can then return over there. The main thing is to memorize the road, keep caution. The help of experienced guides is often required – the mountain path is dangerous. When the path runs through the mountains in bad weather, it is best to go in a group. Guides know how to get there with minimal risk.
If tourists plan to come here from Budva, then they need to get to Podgorica, then through Kolasin to get to the E80 highway. Travelers will pass by the canyon Moraca. The terrain of the monastery is mountainous; you need to be extremely careful and not distracted. If you want to enjoy the surrounding scenery, it is better to stop and go out. 

Recommendations to visitorsМонастырь в Черногории Морача

 Often, tourists do not know how to behave in places of worship. It is recommended to wear more closed clothes before visiting the monastery. Short skirts and shorts are not welcome. Long skirts and trousers, as well as blouses that cover a maximum of body areas – the best option. Believers women, girls, girls should take a handkerchief or other hats. These are the elementary rules of decency. You also need to keep yourself quiet so you will not disturb the fertile atmosphere of these places. You can take pictures outside, but you can’t do this inside the temples. On the territory of the monastery you can buy souvenirs and charms, honey, Rakia, wine, tinctures, icons. Artifacts are bought not only for religious purposes, but also in memory of the trip. Monastery in Montenegro can be visited all year round – it is constantly open. Here come the faithful tourists and those who want to see the unique heritage left by predecessors. For years, time leaves no trace in these places. Monks continue to live like their predecessors a simple unpretentious life.

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