Petrovac in Montenegro

Petrovac stands out as the most beautiful part of Budvas riviera in the country with clean and luxurious beaches. Here is a beautiful Bay that provides privacy for vacationers. The city is relatively quiet after sunset, there is no bustling night life. But not far away is the bustling touristic city of Budva, where you can go in the evening. Petrovac is an ancient city that appeared in the early middle ages.

The resort of Petrovac is a city in Montenegro, where crowds of tourists flock every year. Tours to Petrovac are so popular, because there are historical attractions and excellent beaches. Every traveler will find in the city what they like. What to see in Petrovac? Some objects are included in all excursion programs.

The resort of Petrovac is a city in Montenegro, where crowds of tourists flock every year. Tours to Petrovac are so popular, because there are historical attractions and excellent beaches. Every traveler will find in the city what they like. What to see in Petrovac? Some objects are included in all excursion programs.

Петровац ЧерногорияHistory of Petrovac

A resort of the Budva Riviera with a long history. It is known for sure that in the III century there was a Roman settlement of Lastva on this place. In the middle ages, the city, already inhabited by Slavs, was called Kastel Lastva-in honor of the fortress. It was only in the XX century that the locality received the name that is known today. The city was named in honor of Peter I king of Yugoslavia.

Sights Of Petrovac

Петровац: достопримечательности

The city itself is a landmark, the first mention of it in the Chronicles belong back to the XII century, but the locality is much older. According to some sources, it appeared before the Romans. Here you can see places of worship, there are many temples in the city, among them: the Church of St. Nicholas. Vida, St. Elijah and St. Foms. Also preserved in the city is the fortress of Castello. The city was named after it in the middle ages. The fortress was built by the Venetians, there was a garrison and an infirmary.

Today, tourists can visit the Castello-the fortification is located on layered sandstone rocks. The object is located on the very edge of the city. If previously it was used for protection, now there are entertainment events like discos.
Special attention should be paid to Roman mosaics, which are also well preserved. Not far from Petrovac are the Islands of Katici and Sveta Nedelja. On one of the Islands is the Church of the Holy Resurrection. To view the objects more closely, you should rent a boat — the view from the boat will be much better. If you look from the direction of Petrovac, you will not be able to see two Islands at once — one of them will always cover the other.
In the city of Petrovac, you can enjoy not only the best beach holidays in Montenegro, but also explore the local attractions. Leisurely walks through the territories of monasteries and ancient buildings will fill you with energy and give you more information about the history of the city and Montenegro than the pages of a travel guide.

The Castello fortress

Панорама Петровац

The Venetian Fortress of Castello is located in a picturesque place – on the top of a low cliff, in the Northern part of the city. The structure, built in the XVI century, is washed by the waters of the Adriatic on three sides. Its territory includes an observation deck with a spectacular view of Petrovac, the stele, the Museum and the cannon. In summer, the fortress has a night club, where residents and visitors flock to the city every day in the late evening.

Монастырь ГрадиштеGradiste monastery

The Gradishte monastery complex is one of the most important Orthodox shrines in Montenegro. It was built in the XI century, but Turkish raids, followed by an earthquake, almost completely destroyed the monastery. In the XIX century, it was completely restored. Tourists can see several churches, cells and an old cemetery on the territory of Gradishte.

Монастырь РежевичиRezevici monastery

Rezevici monastery Rezevici Monastery is surrounded by a picturesque and dense olive grove. The building is of white stone is located at the foot of mount Mostanica. On its territory are the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of the assumption of the virgin, monastic cells and outbuildings. Inside the temple, tourists can see ancient frescoes and murals, and outside-walk along the beautiful viewing platform, laid out of stone.

Римская мозаикаRoman mosaic

An interesting attraction that not all visitors to the city know about. It is located near the Church of St. Thomas. The object is a ruin of an ancient Roman structure, with a beautifully decorated floor with Roman mosaics of the IV century.
In the Petrovac Riviera in Montenegro, you can find other attractions if you swim along the beach and the entire sea coast. You can rent a boat with a transparent bottom to fully enjoy the trip. The water in Petrovac Bay in Montenegro is crystal clear and transparent, so you can watch the life of the underwater world and take memorable photos along the way. You don’t have to go down from the rented boat, everything can be seen from the side — a magnificent view of Petrovac and a picturesque panorama of the neighboring island of Sveti Stefan.

Additional information

Petrovac will delight with a beautiful Bay and no less picturesque beaches. The width of the beach here is about 40 meters, and the length is more than 600 meters. Petrovac Riviera in Montenegro is one of the most beautiful.

Петровац город в ЧерногорииFeatures of recreation

Recreation in Petrovac has its own characteristics. In the evening and at night, it is relatively quiet, there is nowhere to go. Tourists prefer to spend their evenings in Budva, which is relatively close. This can be considered a disadvantage or advantage of the resort. If tourists are traveling with children or want a quiet rest, then Petrovac is the perfect solution for them.
During the peak of season, it can be crowded, sometimes the beach is crowded. However, this is not a reason to refuse to visit the historical city. At the very least, it is worth visiting the city and seeing the architecture, temples, and museums. As part of the tour, vacationers do not stay in one place and swim where there are fewer people. An experienced guide will find such places.

Excursions through Petrovac

There are excursions through Petrovac that include a tour of several historical cities and natural attractions. Travelers will visit the most interesting objects of the city and get to know about the history of these buildings. Also, tourists will learn more about each of the localities and the country as a whole. In Petrovac, you can have a snack by visiting one of the local restaurants. There is a variety of cuisine.
Отели в городе ПетровацFor individual tours, tourists decide where they should stay. Such a place may be Petrovac-a beautiful and old city. It is good here at any time of the day. During the day, there are a lot of tourists, but this makes the surrounding area more lively. And at night it becomes quiet, and this sets up a romantic mood.
The guide will show tourists places in the city that only a person who is perfectly familiar with Petrovac knows about. Traveling with a guide, vacationers are guaranteed to see all the sights and remain impressed by the trip. They will want to come back here again — the city attracts with its special atmosphere. This is one of the sunniest cities in the country, where people come for a beautiful tan and peace of mind.

Hotels in Petrovac

Hotels are of different categories, you can stay and relax cheap. It is also popular to rent apartments, villas, and apartments in Petrovac. Prices are relatively low, they depend on the status of housing that the tourist rents. There are facilities on the beach that are convenient for vacationers. Villas Petrovac are especially popular with those who are vacationing in company. It is not difficult to rent a house or stay in a hotel, if you have difficulties with the choice — Open Balkans will help you.
Most of the hotels offer half board to their guests. Vacationers are provided with Breakfast and dinner, and many tourists dine in restaurants.

Beaches in Petrovac

Пляжи в Петровац ЧерногорияBeaches are warm and clean water, pebbles, a lot of sun. The two most famous beach — Buljarica and Lucice. Buljarica has a length of 1.5 km, this is the longest stretch of coast reserved for recreation. Tourists can enjoy relative privacy here. Nearby there is a pine forest and a rock, where you can find an even more secluded beach, it is absolutely wild.
Where to relax – you need to choose individually. Each tourist has their own preferences and tastes. Many are satisfied with the noisy coast, where there are many vacationers who fill the entire coast. However, if you want, even in a small Montenegro at any of its resorts, the tourist can easily find a place for privacy.
Every year, on the last day of August, a special holiday is held in the city, where the whole city walks. Hundreds of people come to the square in anticipation of Petrovac night, to spend the summer months under the musical rhythms and meet the velvet beach season. This is the only noisy night of the year, but the rest of the time by 12 am the streets are quiet and the city falls into a deep sleep.
ПетровацAccommodation in the city can be found for every taste and budget. Hotels, apartments, villas and apartments are popular in Petrovac, at one of the best prices in Montenegro.
The weather in Petrovac is one of the most comfortable in Montenegro. The mild Mediterranean climate creates Sunny weather, and the bathing season lasts from may to September. Daytime temperatures in summer range from + 26 C to +30 C, and the water warms up to a comfortable 26 C. The air in the resort is considered healing, thanks to the dense stands of pine and olive trees surrounding the city.
Tours to Petrovac — this is your opportunity to enjoy a holiday in one of the best resorts in Montenegro, as evidenced by numerous reviews. Entrust the organization of your unforgettable trip to the Balkans to an expert in Montenegro — “Open Balkans”.
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