Вид сверху на Черное озеро Черногории


Sights of Montenegro can not be described in one sentence. These are ancient cities, coast, canyons, national parks, religious sites and medieval buildings.

Sights of Montenegro can not be described in a nutshell. These are ancient cities, coasts, canyons and gorges, national parks, medieval buildings. To this should be added intangible values-traditions, culture, national cuisine. The small country of Montenegro is an incredible fusion of natural, man-made, spiritual and cultural sites.

Unique natural resources are scattered throughout the territory of Montenegro. You can be anywhere in the country and see them with your own eyes. During one trip, perhaps, all of them will not be able to go around, but to visit the main natural sites will be possible for sure.

The best sights of Montenegro-worth seeing all

Boko Kotor Прогулка по КоторуBay-the pride of Montenegro

This is the most beautiful Bay in the Adriatic, attracting crowds of travelers. During its inspection, the tour participants will see almost all of the Montenegrin coast. It is amazing in beauty and makes a stunning impression even on experienced travelers. High mountain ranges, bordered by the waters of the Adriatic sea, and several colorful cities scattered along the shore-an amazing panorama. Arriving here, it is worth visiting Kotor-a small town with historical architecture, narrow streets and old houses.

Perast is an amazing and romanticПераст: город в стиле барокко

What to see in Montenegro, sights or cities? Both options: cities can be a separate pride of the country. Perast is one of the cities where it is easy to see the most interesting objects. This coastal town with temples and palaces, received the status of the most romantic place in the country. During the trip here visitors can visit the island of St. George, visit oyster farms, see the Church of St. Nicholas.

Tara and Moraca canyons — all the power of natКаньон Тара в горахur

These are the best and main sights of Montenegro. For excursions, the route is usually built in such a way that first guests visited the Moraca canyon, the river, the monastery complex, and then-Tara canyon with Durmitor Park and other interesting objects. Rest here may seem a bit extreme — during the trip vacationers overcome mountain serpentines and find themselves on the edge of the highest European canyon-Tara. Its height is about 1300 meters.

The bridge Djurdjevića Tara bridge — a Grand arched buildingМост Джурджевича

In the North of Montenegro there is an old arched bridge over the Tara river. Its length is 365 meters, and the height of the largest span of five-116 meters. Not everyone dares to walk on it because of such a great height, but the one who dares can expect for the most exciting and unforgettable view of the Tara river valley. It’s a great place for incredible selfies. And the most desperate extremals are engaged in ropejumping — jump into the abyss itself on climbing ropes, over the riverbed of Tara.

Piva canyon-fabulous sceneryПивское озеро в Черногории

It is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, with a depth of 1200 meters and a length of about 30 km. Looking at the Piva lake, harmoniously framing the rocks, you will never think that it is man-made. After all, it was formed after the construction of the 220-meter Mratine dam by the Yugoslavs. Tourists will see a stunning combination of lush green mountains with milky turquoise waters of Piva. Visiting the sights of Montenegro by car, you need to be careful. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the canyons as part of the tour.

Monasteries of Montenegro-the atmosphere of spiritual antiquityМонастырь Острог

On an excursion to the Montenegrin shrines, tourists independently inspect the famous monasteries: Moraca, Ostrog, St. Tryphon Cathedral and St. Nicholas Church, Piva and Cetinje.  Some of them are more than 8 centuries old. But despite this, they are either well preserved or restored. They keep valuable historical and religious artifacts within their walls. The most famous monastery carved high in the mountains is Ostrog monastery. It houses the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog, and every Saturday in a small square, at night, hundreds of pilgrims gather from all corners of the Balkans.

Durmitor National Park is a unique nature reserveСедло Дурмитора

Available during the holiday in Montenegro attractions like Durmitor national Park – its visitors also see for themselves. Here they can spend a day on the Black lake, find the most beautiful corners, admire the Alpine meadows. The reserve is home to more than 500 species of animals and grows more than 1,500 species of plants. From the clones of Durmitor you can see the highest mountain peaks of Montenegro. Tourists go trekking in the mountains, explore the local caves and admire the incredible mountain panorama.

Black lake is a glacial beautyЧерное озеро Черногория

A unique pond, hidden in the middle of a dense coniferous forest, in Montenegro. When tourists climb the mountain peaks, they have a unique view of the lake with a deep dark turquoise color. Here you can walk along one of the lake paths or sail a boat on the mirrored surface of the water. The water is very cold-in the hottest days does not exceed the temperature of 12 C, so those wishing to swim will not meet. On the Black lake you can recharge and hear hundreds of voices of nature..

Skadar lake-bird’s abode and incredible nature

A unique nature reserve inhabited by dozens of species of birds of permanent and temporary residence. Hundreds of Islands towering over the Black lake, and some of them-with ancient structures. You can walk along the winding paths around the pond or slowly swim on the water surface, inhabited by thousands of fragrant water lilies. A peaceful holiday in a natural place, away from the noise of the city — that’s why thousands of tourists come here.

Zabljak and Kolasin — a dizzying snow tracksКолашин

A lot of impressions can be obtained at any time of the year. In Montenegro, attractions in winter-ski resorts. Known to all the Balkans-local centers Zabljak and Kolasin. Zabljak is popular in any season, but in winter it becomes the center of attraction of the glamorous public. People come here to spend the winter months fun, ride on the snowy slopes and get a boost of energy. The ski slopes of the resorts meet the highest European standards and are aimed at both beginners and professionals.

Tourist towns of Montenegro

There are many resort towns in the country that attract travelers. Along with natural and individual architectural objects, the country is visited by tourist cities. Each of them is an independent attraction. Budva, Bar, Tivat, Petrovac, Ulcinj, Cetinje attract with its special atmosphere.

Beautiful places are allowed to explore independently and as part of the tour. The guide can leave the wards for a while to get acquainted with interesting objects.

Kotor-the heart of the Bay of Kotor

The most visited place in Kotor is definitely Its Old town. This is an architectural Museum of antiquity in the open air, passing through the walls of which you can feel like a hero of the time. This part of the city is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Ancient churches, palaces, picturesque narrow streets are popular objects to explore during the tour. Attracts attention and beautiful promenade, overlooking the picturesque Bay of Kotor.

Budva-old and new traditionsБудванская Ривьера, побережье Черногории

The old town of Budva is no less beautiful than the old Kotor — here you can see the Citadel, ancient fortress walls, Orthodox and Catholic ancient temples, as well as wells and other objects. Inside the Old town, tourists feel a special atmosphere of medieval times, passing through the narrow streets between the old houses. It is worth to allocate time for a walk along the beautiful promenade. The old Budva is not like the new one, where life is boiling around the clock. Arriving at the resort, it is necessary to visit the ancient city and appreciate it.

Bar and Ulcinj — a rich and complicated history

Bar and Ulcinj are two resorts, each with an old town. The old Bar and Ulcinj are known for ruins. You can see them more carefully if you visit yourself. However, the organized tour is more interesting, because the guide will tell a fascinating story of the formation, conquest of cities and their inhabitants. What you do not know, going to the inspection yourself. Bar is famous for many Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim churches and monasteries, Palace complex. In Ulcinj you can see a bird sanctuary, lakes and dead cities.

Cetinje-spiritual and cultural center

Cetinje in the past-the capital of the country, today-a cultural center. There are interesting museums, palaces, the former Royal residence, which can be visited independently or with a tour. Cetinje in Montenegro is popular among tourists also because the city has an old Cetinje monastery, which keeps unique shrines-a Particle of the life-giving cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, and the right Hand of John the Baptist. From natural attractions interesting Lipskaya cave — the best in the country, according to tourists.

Njegusi is an authentic villageНегуши

For those who have seen all of the above and think what else to visit in Cetinje, it is worth a trip around the neighborhood. There are many other interesting places in the area. From the mausoleum of Njegos you can go down to the village of Njegusi, where the Petrovic dynasty comes from. Here tourists will be offered products prepared by the locals in the highlands. Only in Njegusi is obtained such exquisite and delicious prshut, which makes tourists come back here again and again.

Podgorica-a new kind of MontenegroПодгорица вечером в Черногории

Podgorica is the new capital of the country, which some tourists may find boring. The city was rebuilt not so long ago, during the war it was razed to the ground. Getting here, vacationers can take a walk, visiting the local cathedrals, monuments, buildings. In order not to get lost in the streets, you should take a map or Navigator. Today you can admire the Millennium bridge, monuments, temples, the main Cathedral of the country. Walking in Podgorica will give pleasure to those who love relatively new European cities.

Tivat-premium vacationЭкскурсия по Тивату

Tivat is a place for a “glamorous” holiday. Here you can admire Porto Montenegro and its snow-white yachts, walk along the promenade, spend time in one of the cafes on the coast. Close to Porto Montenegro there are shops and boutiques, so shoppers do not even have to go deep into the city. In Tivat itself there are medieval buildings, churches and palaces. Bucha castle-a former Royal residence — is the most popular attraction. Interesting 3 Islands located near the Bay, among which the most beautiful — the island of St. Mark.

Sveti Stefan — the unbeatable fortress cityОстров Свети Стефан в Будве в прекрасный летний день, Черногория

Among the attractions of Montenegro-the resort of Sveti Stefan. This is an island-hotel, it stands out from the general background of its elitism. To vacation at this resort can not do everything — the prices bite. But even contemplation of the panorama of the island already makes an impression. You can see the old medieval houses, which are built in a characteristic style. More affordable holiday in the village of the same name. The village of Sveti Stefan has its own private beach, and it is in the village are two famous villas: Milocher and Villa 21.

Becici-access to the picturesque Adriatic coastБечичи в Черногории

Even more affordable vacation is in Becici. This resort can not be called cheap, but you can spend time here with less losses for the purse. The resort has beautiful beaches, fully developed infrastructure for tourism. There is a comfortable climate, warm clean sea and Sunny weather. Becici is worth a visit to appreciate the beauty of the Adriatic coast. The resort is chosen by families with children and the age group of tourists. For young people here can be boring, because the rest of the resort is quiet and less crowdy.

Herceg Novi-city of 1000 steps

Among the cities of the Bay Of Kotor, Herceg Novi is also worth highlighting. It is also called “the city of 1000 steps”. There are really a lot of stairs and steep climbs, an unprepared person can get tired while sightseeing. But in Herceg Novi there is something to see, because the city has a stormy history. On the tour, the guide will guide tourists to all the iconic places, tell about the formation and periods of conquest of the city. Interesting sights of Herceg Novi are concentrated in the Old town-Bellavista square, Bloody and Clock Tower and Njegoseva street.

Mount Lovcen-a dizzying view of the whole of MontenegroНациональный парк Ловчен на закате - Черногория

The symbol of Montenegro is mount Lovcen with a national Park and a mausoleum. Be sure to see the mausoleum of negos in Cetinje. It is located in Lovcen national Park. Coming here is recommended to have a good time. This object, like the legendary Lipa cave, is located outside Cetinje. It is better to include it in the framework of a large tour. In the mountains, the weather is changeable, it is necessary to take warm clothes.

From the mountain you can see two-thirds of the country. That’s one reason to climb it. It is recommended to make such ascents with a guide who knows the area perfectly. Only in this case can you count on a safe adventure. Independent ascents can be dangerous-there is no one to bear responsibility for tourists.

The mausoleum of Njegos-a tribute to the memory of the Montenegrin leaderГорная дорога к древнему мавзолею на Ловчене

Together with a guide, you can visit the mausoleum of Njegos at the top of mount Lovcen. Peter II Petrovic Njegos, who was not only a monarch, but also a priest, warrior, poet, writer, philosopher, as well as the patron of all Montenegro, is buried here. People come here not only to pay tribute to an outstanding person from the past history of the country, but also to admire the breathtaking view of the Bay of Kotor, which opens from the observation deck of mount Lovcen.

A special holiday in Montenegro — for everyone

To come on vacation in Montenegro is worth because of lot of reasons. This is a European country where it is absolutely safe. At the same time, Montenegro has excellent resorts and beautiful mountain ranges. There is an opportunity to relax secluded away from the tourist crowds. Among the resorts and beaches of Montenegro there are those that have received the highest rating.
The best sights of Montenegro are in different categories. These are resorts, monasteries, historical sites, architectural buildings, cities. Some sites have been included in the UNESCO List. You can see all this in the framework of several excursions. The country is small, but has real treasures.

The country has a developed tourist infrastructure. Guests will not get into a difficult situation and will always be able to find accommodation, rent a car, choose the best route for recreation, go shopping.This is the most comfortable and safe country to stay in.

Individual excursions-access to all sights of Montenegro

Fascinating excursions are organized to each of the presented sights. The route usually includes a comprehensive inspection and visiting several sites at the same time. After visiting the country in group tours, you can go on an individual tour with a guide. These trips are different in that you determine the details of the route. How much time will be allocated to a particular city or monastery? Depends on you. The guide only helps to build a route competently, safely and through the most picturesque places.

Tours are scheduled. Individual tours start when you need it. This holiday is more expensive, but it takes into account your interests. Individual tours are organized not only for one person, but also for a group of up to 4 people. If you want to drive on your own route, which is not presented in the standard programs, it is better to order an individual tour.

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