The main reasons to visit the Tara River canyon in Montenegro

Tara Canyon with its beauty has the advantage even if we compare it with Alps canyons. It’s the deepest canyon in Europe and second deepest in the world after Grand Canyon of river Colorado in USA.

In Montenegro, all the sights are nearby, attentive tourists will not miss them. Do not miss to visit canyon of the river Tara in Montenegro. This place is on the list of the brightest sights of the country; excursions take place here too. This territory protected by UNESCO in the 1980s. Tourists may not remember the name of the canyon in Montenegro, but they will easily describe it.

Where is the river Tara?Каньон Тара в горах

Tourists are often interested in how to get to the Tara canyon. If travelers are in a popular Budva destination, then to get to a unique natural place will have to overcome 200 km. In fact, 200 kilometers is a short distance, tourists can cross the country by car. It will be useful to purchase Canyons tour. The trip is pretty cheap and it will give a lot of positive emotions too.
The place is striking with beauty, the object exceeds the Alps in its characteristics. The canyon of the Tara River in some places has a depth of 1,300 meters. The river flows through the mountain ranges, creating new crevices. The current paves the way for millions of years, as a result, a gorge has formed in the rock. The Tara River passes through two mountain ranges: Durmitor and Zlatni Bor.  The canyon has become legendary and it takes the second place after the American Grand Canyon. This is really a unique place where tourists visited once, coming back again. Visitors are attracted by majestic mountain peaks, ridges, river flow, and coolness of mountain parks.

Excursions to the canyon of the river TaraКаньон реки Тара Черногория

It is not enough to see the canyon in Montenegro on the map – you need to make a competent route, to see the best beauties of a unique place. Professional guides will do it masterfully. The stream stretches for almost 80 km, but this does not mean that tourists must inspect every meter. You just need to choose a place where its depth is maximum, and the surrounding landscapes are the most picturesque. 
Upon arrival, travelers:- listen to the guide’s story about the nature and history of the area;- take photos; – are engaged in rafting and have a Zip line next to the bridge Dzhurdzhevicha.
The Tara River in Montenegro has 24 rapids on a rafting track 18 km long. One alloy is enough, thrills and vivid impressions are guaranteed for several years to come.Экскурсия Рафтинг в Черногории
Excursions include visiting of nearby attractions. Tourists heading to the canyons from the coast will almost certainly pass through Skadar Lake and visit Podgorica, the capital of the country. Along the way, it is easy to find religious objects, churches and monasteries. On the list of the most famous objects is the monastery of Moraca which is considered as a prayer place. A special atmosphere reigns in the surroundings; it remains after a visit with a traveler for a while.
Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge – an old arched structure, built in the pre-war 30s. It is thrown over the mountain peaks at a height of 170 meters above the water surface. It is scary for many people to walk along the bridge, although the construction has proven strength, and the bravest decide to fly with a Zip line.
The attraction at the Durmitor Park, famous for its beautiful Alpine lawns, a rare flora. Black Lake Park makes a special impression. Sometimes tourists try to swim in the pond, but to no avail. The water in the lake is just an ice.

About the river

The length of the river Tara is 144 kilometers. The canyon is formed in the middle course and it is 82 kilometers long. The source of the Tara River is the confluence of Verusha and Opasnitsa. Where does the river Tara flow? Being on the territory of Montenegro, you will not see its end. It flows further through Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mouth of the Tara River begins with the confluence of two rivers, and the Tara River itself flows into Piva, merges with it and forms the Drina river. The beginning of the river Tara and its end are hidden from prying eyes. This does not spoil the impression from what you see – a real attraction of Montenegro is not the whole river, but the middle current, a giant deep canyon, a bridge, a mountain park. Estimate the scale of attractions is easy, just take a look at the photo. Pictures do not convey a hundredth of the charm of a unique place, but they can fascinate too.

What to take with you?Рафтинг в Черногории сплав по реке

Often people come here in light clothes, without taking warm ones. You need to have such things that will help with a cold snap. In Montenegro, it is never cold, like during the winter in Russia. But after you swim in the evening you may need a blanket, a warm jacket. If you are planning to float on water you will need dry clothes and dry underwear. Otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to walk in wet clothes. The women who are going to visit Orthodox objects on their way will need to cover their heads and put on closed clothes. Ideally, you should have a skirt below the knees or proper pants. Short shorts are not the best option for visiting the monasteries. Local residents will not approve outright outfit, even if we are talking about tourist groups. It is necessary to follow the rules of decency if you are a guest. It is better to have cash money with you. In the mountains it is difficult to pay with a card, the service is simply unavailable. Cash may be useful in unexpected situations. If you want to buy a souvenir on the way – carry cash. Cards are accepted only in cities.

Do you need to prepare for the trip?Мост Джурджевича в Черногории

Ready to visit the area as part of the tour? There is no need to prepare. The main thing – to take clothes, money, documents, accessories for the alloy. The guide will lead the group along the route and show the most interesting places. It’s not worth exploring the map and thinking about which areas to stop and rest. The guide will accompany visitors to local parks so that no one will get lost. The parks can be cool, so it is recommended to immediately put some clothes on you.  The cost of the tour will pay off a great mood and new experiences. Such impressions are hard to get even in the Alps, which are famous for their nature and sights. If you come here once, you will want to come back later to refresh your impressions of what you see. The trip will raise your spirits and it motivates to achieve new heights in life.

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