Zip-Line Tara canyon

Zip line next to Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

Zip line on Djurdjevica Bridge is a very famous attraction among many visitors, especially lovers of extreme sports. Visitors can fly 170 m over the Tara canyon.

While traveling in Montenegro, tourists will find opportunities for extreme sports. Zip line next to the Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge today is the most visited attraction. A rope of steel thrown between the mountain ranges decorates a canyon on the river Tara. Locals used the system primarily as an alternative to the bridge. The last 20 years this design is used as an attraction.

Extreme on nature

It is enough to take a look at the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge on the map to understand: the building is surrounded by natural beauty. The object is thrown across the river Tara in a place where the canyon reaches a maximum depth. The height of the bridge is 170 meters. Tourists will move between mountain ranges, fly through an amazingly beautiful landscape. They will remember this journey for a long time.
Zip line in Montenegro is not the only “bungee”, as many as three cable ways for extreme lovers. The smallest “highway” has a length of 350 meters, the second is 824 meters and the third one – 1050 meters. The height of the movement on the Zip line gradually decreases. You should start with a small Zip line in Montenegro, you need to get used to the adventure. The distances of 350 meters tourist fly all the time.

Djurdjevica Tara Bridge in Montenegro: Directions

It much depends on the whereabouts of the tourist. Zabljak and Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge are the neighbors. The tourist will quickly get from the city to the canyons. The canyon on the river Tara is a well-known place; any local one will show and tell you where the place is located. Travelers to Budva will have to go a long way to the canyon. Tourists and visitors along the way will be able to see Podgorica, local monasteries, canyons and natural beauty. To get on the Zip line in Montenegro, it is better to find a good tour and go as a small group. Group traveling is usually as safe as possible. The road to the canyon of the river Tara and Zip line passes through the mountain ranges. In the mountains, it is unsafe in some places, especially in cool weather. Travelers need to travel with extreme caution, not exceeding the speed. Looking around the driver is not recommended. Zip line in Montenegro on the Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge will be an interesting point in the program, tourists will look at the “bungee” as part of the tour.

Price of Zip line in Montenegro

The cost of a trip on a small rope (350 meters) is 10 euro, on two big ones – 20 euro each. Tourists quickly overcome the path, but the trip justifies the investment. A lot of ​​adrenaline and positive emotions is guaranteed. On the zip line in Montenegro, the price is quite affordable. It is important to keep in mind that the burglar is regularly checked. It is under strict control. The system is produced in Australia and can stand a solid load. The strength of the rope is such that an elephant weighing 7 tons can fly across the river. Experiments with animals no one conducted, of course. Zip line in Montenegro was visited by a variety of people. Weight, age, gender or height cannot be an excuse. The oldest person who crossed the canyon through a tightrope is a 91-year-old woman.  When you fly, you can let go of your hands and shoot what is happening. Tourists made a lot of videos. A tourist gets real impressions during the flight. This is a truly fascinating process. Connoisseurs of extreme will get the thrill of rafting – you can organize rafting on Tara. On the river there is a length of 18 km, designed specifically for such purposes. On this site the whole 24 thresholds. An exciting adventure is guaranteed. Many tourists have already experienced both- zip line, and rafting on a stormy river. Of course, safety when you are practicing extreme sports is provided.

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