Bridge Đurđevića on the Tara river in Montenegro

Bridge Đurđevića on the Tara river in Montenegro

Djurdjevica Tara Bridge is located over the canyon of Tara river. It is very popular among the tourists, especially among the extreme lovers. It is 172 m high.

Dzhurdzhevich Bridge over the river Tara in Montenegro is a unique architectural structure. For a long time, he held the leading position as the tallest object of the arch type. The maximum height of the object is 172 meters – this is the distance from the surface of the bridge to the smooth surface of the Tara River.

Bridge Dzhurdzhevicha: Directions

Bridge Dzhurdzhevicha

Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge in Montenegro is located at a distance of 180 km from Budva. Much depends on the route chosen by tourists. The extra 10-20 km does not matter. The bridge is easily accessible within two to three hours. Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge is 23 km from the mountain resort of Zabljak. The best way to get there is to choose a suitable excursion. There are enough tours around the bridge: the Tara River, canyons, the local park are the main attraction of the country. The canyons of the river for 35 years are included in the UNESCO List.

Excursion to the bridge Dzhurdzhevicha conducts with the participation of experienced guides. The guides choose the best route, allowing travelers to quickly arrive, explore the best parts of the canyon, be sure to visit the bridge and take beautiful pictures. It is recommended to take photos; a tourist should take a camera, a smart phone or any photo device. The pictures are amazing; such beauty is hard to find even in the Alps.

In Montenegro, the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge in the photo does not look so bright. In reality, the design makes a strong impression. This is in view of the fact that the object was built before the Second World War. Analogues of the bridge were not built for many years.

How it was built?

Bridge Đurđevića
Usually, bridges and various infrastructure facilities are named after rulers, military leaders, politicians, and national heroes. Tourists interested in how the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge was built, Montenegrin sites will tell you that they called the object not by the name of a politician or an architect. Designer of the object was Miyat Troyanovich (1937). And they named the building in honor of the farmer, whose lands were nearby. This seems unexpected, but logical.
The bridge was erected shortly before the war. The territory of Montenegro belonged to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During the war years it was occupied by the Italian invaders and there was a partisan movement here fighting against them. In order not to allow the invaders to win, the partisans decided to destroy the bridge. The guerrillas conceived to destroy the object and save it until the peacetime. Lazar Yaukovich was attracted for this task. This man, an engineer, was engaged in the construction of the object and he knew the subtleties of the design. Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge consists of five arches; the frame is erected of steel and concrete. The large arch has a length of 116 meters. The total length of the object is 365 meters. The engineer received the task to damage the structure without destroying the arch completely. Yaukovich destroyed the central span, interrupting the communication of the invaders with the allies. The war ended, the building was quickly restored. Yaukovich was less fortunate – the engineer was killed.

Zip line: Dzurdzhevich Bridge

Zip line: Dzurdzhevich Bridge

Zip line in Montenegro on the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge has been used for decades. During the period of operation there was no accident. This is an absolutely safe system; the design was originally used for its intended purpose. Crossing the canyon by alternative means is practically impossible without a bridge. Zip line is today called a bungee; an analogue of the bridge is used for entertainment. The structure is a rope of proven steel, connecting two hills at a height of 170 meters above the river. When the bridge appeared, the system began to be used as an entertainment attraction. Tourists ride here, get a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline. Not so easy to fly at an altitude of 170 meters. Frightened people do not notice the surrounding beauty during the air “journey”. Zip line isn’t free, but tourists can be assured of security. Zip line is regularly tested. The quality of the cable and the integrity of all components are tested. Extremes are given masks, equipment, instruct and release them in free flight. The reliability of the bungee is also guaranteed by the strength of the rope and fastenings. It was made in Australia, and the safety margin allows it to withstand the weight of an elephant. The maximum load on the structure reaches 7 tons. By the way, the weight of the heaviest tourist, who crossed the canyon of the river Tara, was 205 kg. He safely reached the other side. The design is successfully used by older people, moms with children, including babies. The main thing is to follow the instructions that were received from the instructor.

Routes to the bridge

Many tourists are interested in how to get to Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge in Montenegro from Kotor and other places. There are several official routes. Travelers participating in the sightseeing tour may not worry about it – the guide will lead them to the place. Tourists visiting the country themselves can choose the following routes: – From Serbia on the P4 road;- From Budva through the capital Podgorica, then to Mojkovac and on the highway P4 to the bridge;- From Budva via Podgorica, Shavnik and Zabljak along the P5 highway.  They are not too many options, but you can still get confused. Mostly travelers first come to Budva. From here they can immediately go to Podgorica to explore the capital. Having marked the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge on the map, they have the opportunity to travel by the way that they consider the most optimal.

What else to do

Besides visiting the bridge, you can: – Choose zip line length of 350, 824 or 1050 meters;- Arrange a photo session;- Purchase natural souvenirs: honey, wool;- Go rafting;- Wall through the National Park Durmitor. Montenegro is a small country, but its attractions can surpass the beauty of the largest countries. The canyon of the Tara River to this day holds the leadership, as the deepest in Europe. In the world, it ranks second after the American Grand Canyon. And Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge has recently been the highest arched bridge in Europe. Today it is the same; it is not on the last place. Especially considering the fact that it is a quite old building.


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