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Lovcen is a National Park that includes the mountain of the same name, the surrounding forest area, and the Njegos mausoleum located on the mountain. The surrounding area is quiet and you can enjoy the natural beauty. It is easy to get to Lovcen — the road from Budva takes only 45 minutes. It is more convenient to relax with a guide — he will show you the most interesting places in the Park.

Lovcen National Park in Montenegro is a unique place where you can see the panorama of the surrounding area. There are about a thousand types of vegetation growing here. Tourists can watch local birds, admire the natural beauty, and visit the Njegos Museum. Lovcen mountain in Montenegro is located here, its height is 1650 meters.

Tours to Lovcen National Park

Гора Ловчен ЧерногорияMount Lovcen rises above sea level at an altitude of 1.7 km. It is part of the Dinaric massif that runs along the Montenegrin coast. Locals claim that from Lovcen peak you can see two-thirds of the country’s territory. The view from the mountain is very spectacular. It is surrounded by a National Park. Excursions are every day thing here. Tourists climb up the mountain, walk around the neighborhood, have fun.
The Park has a ski resort that operates in winter. It is less well-known compared to Kolasin and Zabljak. However, you can also have fun here. Tourists visit the rope Park, play paintball, ride Quad bikes and shoot arrows.
How to get to Lovcen National Park in Montenegro? It is a 45-minute drive from Budva. It is better to come here with an organized group and a guide. The guide will show you the most interesting places in the Park. As part of the tour, travelers will also see other sights of the country.

What to see in the Park

Attractions of Lovcen are the Park itself and the mountain range. Natural beauty attracts tourists here. Also, visitors should see the mausoleum of negos — the tomb of the last ruler of Montenegro. Peter II Petrovic Njegos has undertaken a series of reforms and contributed to the state system.
On the site where the mausoleum now stands, there was a Church. Negosh was not only a ruler, but also a priest and a warrior.Travelers can learn about this in detail from the guide. The mausoleum is made of stone and granite. Huge blocks were lifted here by special equipment and helicopters. There are marble sculptures, including a monument to Negosha himself made of yablonitsky marble weighing 28 tons.
When visiting the mausoleum, it is important to remember that in winter the mountain falls asleep. Therefore, tourists can visit the object in the period from may 1st to October 31st. It is important to take warm clothes with you, because the temperature drops at the top. If you bypass the mausoleum of Negos, you can get a unique viewpoint. It offers views of the surrounding area, including the “stone sea”.
Парк Ловчен Черногория

Why Lovcen?

Ловчен ЧерногорияLovcen attracts tourists with its soothing and calming atmosphere. There are natural and man-made attractions. From the National Park, tourists can easily get to Budva, where many sightseeing routes start. At the same time, most tourists arrive in Budva, and it is easier for them to organize a trip with guides to the nearest Park.
Here you can shoot, the photos are fantastic. Montenegro is generally picturesque, and Lovcen is doubly picturesque. The local ski resort does not differ in terms of service level from Zabljak or Kolasin.

About Lovcen mountain

The height of mount Lovcen is 1700 meters above sea level. It is part of the long Dinaric mountain range that borders almost the entire Adriatic coast. Mount Lovcen is located between the settlements of Budva, Cetinje, Danilovgrad and the Bay of Kotor, on the shore of which stands the so-called “city of the mountain” Kotor.
Among the features of the structure of the mountain note uneven surface with steep slopes and a large number of depressions, holes and cracks. The mountain is divided into two peaks, with a height difference of 100 meters. Tourists in their reviews of Lovcen write that from the mountain during the clear weather you can see more than 70% of the entire territory of Montenegro. You can even see the Italian town of Bari and part of Croatia.
Mountain and sea climate jointly influence the local weather, creating favorable conditions for the development of several biological systems by specific connection of the life. The rich flora and fauna of Montenegro can be observed in the Lovcen National Park, based on the territory of the mountain. Also, on mount Lovcen, at an incredible height of about 1.7 kilometers above sea level, there is a grandiose structure of the Montenegrin people-the Mausoleum of Peter Petrovic Njegos.

Mausoleum of Njegos

Мавзолей Негоша расположен на вершине ЛовченаAmong the most beautiful attractions of Montenegro a place of honor occupies Mausoleum of Petar Petrovic Njegos. This is an iconic architectural monument built in honor of the country’s beloved ruler from the Njegos family. The map of Lovcen National Park, where the Mausoleum is located, will tell you how to get to it.
The way to the top of mount Lovcen, to the attraction, runs through a picturesque and breathtaking high-mountain serpentine, popularly called “the Royal road”. It was on it that the Montenegrin kings used to move, admiring the dizzying view of the entire Boko-Kotor Bay.
The mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos is a modern tomb of the ruler of Montenegro, who carried out many reforms to improve the life and cultural development of the population. In his time, he was the ruler of Montenegro, the main Metropolitan, a warrior and his deeds earned everyone’s respect. On the site of the old chapel, built by him during his lifetime, in the 70s of the last century, a monumental structure of granite and stone was erected.
Горная дорога к древнему мавзолею на ЛовченеIt is a front step entrance with marble statues of two black women— 13 tons each. Inside the Mausoleum there is a statue of Peter II Petrovic Njegos himself made of yablonitsky marble weighing 28 tons, and under it-a sarcophagus with the ruler’s urn. The ceiling of the hall is decorated with 18 kilograms of gold mosaic, donated by Italy.
At the exit from the mausoleum of Lovcena there is also something to see — a stone path leads to the round observation platform “eagle’s nest”, which offers a dizzying panorama of the mountain ranges of Montenegro, against which tourists often take photos.
A 90-meter-long underground tunnel with 461 steps leads to the Njegos mausoleum. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to see with their own eyes the incredible structure located on the peak of mount Lovcen. However, the air temperature does not exceed +5 C even in July, so tourists should wear warm clothes on the way up the mountain to avoid freezing.
You can visit the Njegos Mausoleum at any time of the year on your own or as part of a tour group. Visiting the Shrine is usually included in the program of the Boko Kotor Bay tour, but you can also make your own route by ordering an individual tour.
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