Вид на Остров Святой Стефан в Черногории


Sveti Stefan is an elite resort and very expensive hotel. However, tourists can tour the local buildings and the panorama. Vacationers will appreciate the surrounding beauty. The island has a clean coastline with turquoise water. The houses on Sveti Stefan were restored so that visitors could stay here for rest.

Sveti Stefan is an island-luxury resort, hotel and beach in Montenegro. Influential persons and just wealthy people stay here. However, this does not mean that access is completely closed to ordinary tourists. To see the sights of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, tourists come with organized groups. There are also individual tours – guests can see the panorama of the island. They are for those who especially like this place.

Little historyПрогулка возле острова святой Стефан

The village of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro has not always been an elite resort. In the middle ages it was known as a shopping center and transport hub. In the Venetian Empire during the XV century, the island was used for transporting goods. People came here to sell or buy something, to transport it in transit. Later, the situation changed a bit, and Sveti Stefan became a fishing village.

Tito’s time came, and the territory decided to make elite hotel to attract tourists. Sveti Stefan in Montenegro is attractive for many stars, celebrities, businessmen. Later Yugoslavia disintegrated, and the country simply did not have the means to support the status of the island. Then it was leased to a chain of luxury hotels. Ten years ago, all the facilities were restored here. Now all sights can be seen by tourists.

Sights of Sveti StefanОстров Свети Стефан в Будве в прекрасный летний день, Черногория

The pride of the island-a lot of houses on its territory. They’re old, medieval. Ten years ago they were not in the best condition. Objects needed restoration. Funds were scarce, but the authorities decided not to delay. Today the houses look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Most of the houses serve as rooms for guests. Only rich people can afford to stay at this hotel.

However, the island of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, tourists can not visit just like that, without getting an apartment. The area is open to guests, as well as some local beaches. However, the beaches are expensive. But walks along the coastline are free. Tourists can look at the panorama of the island, take beautiful pictures, arrange a photo shoot, walk along the sand spit.

Guided toursБудванская Ривьера Черногория

Tours to Sveti Stefan are organized by professional guides. Here it is better to relax with a guide. The guide will tell the history of the island, will devote the details of the construction of individual attractions. With a guide, no one will waste time in vain and not get lost.

Usually tours here are carried out as part of a larger excursion program. Travelers are brought and they will see the panorama of the island and lead on to Milocher. Later, a trip to more distant cities of Montenegro will continue. Visitors get a lot of impressions at once.

The island gives the impression of an old medieval town. Sometimes it seems that lost in time. This both pleases and scares, but in the end leaves positive emotions. Tourists will be offered here to get individual tour that will lead them into the spirit of the island.

Several reasons to visitВид на парк и горы в Черногории

Tourists who do not plan to stay in the hotels of the island or the village of the same name, located on the mainland, get the opportunity to appreciate the panorama of the resort. Why you should choose tours that include a panorama tour? The fact is that even from afar it is possible to consider in detail the medieval architecture of the island-hotel. These houses are unique, it is difficult to find something like this. They stand out from the general background with their modest aesthetics.

Sveti Stefan has long been the hallmark of Montenegro. Stereotypical photos of the island can be found in any tourist prospectus of the any agency offering holidays in Montenegro. A tourist who has been near the island will have the opportunity to take their pictures, and they will be much better. A photo shoot on the background of the resort looks just unforgettable.

Visiting these places can be recommended for aesthetic enjoyment of natural beauty. The turquoise waters of the Adriatic and the secluded island look very natural and harmonious. There is an outdoor shared beach with pink sand, where you can spend time if you want. However, as part of general excursions, the group usually stops to view the panorama and moves on.

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