Tivat is the sunniest city in Montenegro, where there are many beaches and new buildings. There are also enough historical sights here. Nearby there is a medieval village.

Tivat city in Montenegro: attractions, photos and reviews of touristsЭкскурсия по Тивату

For many Tivat visitors in Montenegro, beaches are clean and long. This is the sunniest city in the country, it is easy to relax and forget about worries, routine. The local coastline is truly admirable, but travelers should see the sights surrounding the city:

-The 17th century Butch Palace is a family estate combining fortification and an exquisite residence. The palace has a family chapel. The building stands out for its characteristic architectural style.
-Porto Montenegro is one of the most beautiful ports built in the old days with the money of billionaires like Rockefeller. Today it is owned by representatives of the UAE, but visitors are available. Want to arrange a whole photo shoot on the background of luxury yachts and boats?
-Botanical garden and park. The garden is located in a city park, located near the resting place of tourists. This is the largest garden on the Adriatic coast. Those wishing to see rare species of flora will find a lot of interesting things in the garden. And the park is designed just for walking in the shade.
-Holidays in Tivat (Montenegro) will be incomplete without a visit to the village of Gornja Lastva and the island of Flowers. The Island of Flowers is called St. Michael’s Island, whose temple was built here. Today, they are trying to restore the religious building. Gornja Lastva – a piece of the Middle Ages surrounded by the civilized world.

How to relax?Порт Тивата Монтенегро

A tour to Tivat is inexpensive, but you should not spend all the time by the sea. The country will surprise with many unique places. Travelers who know the places well can recommend car rental in Tivat to explore the surroundings. It’s not worth traveling around the country on your own – such a vacation is inconvenient even for those who have already rested in the country. The best places will be shown to you by guides who organize excursions from Tivat all around Montenegro.

There are less ancient monuments in Tivat than in the cities of Boka Kotor Bay. In the direction of the bay are many sightseeing tours. Driving with a guide, you will see the most interesting places. Group and individual tours are both available, each type has its own advantages.

Тиват ЧерногорияBeginners should go on an excursion with an organized group, see the country, the surrounding beauty. In the future, it is recommended that you already make your own route and get the guide for a trip to places that you especially like. A trip of tourists to Montenegro usually ends also in Tivat – on the territory is the country’s largest airport.

The trip along the mountain streamers is memorable, after the rest there will be many photos left as a reminder of a great time.

All sights of Tivat

Until recently, Tivat in Montenegro was not known as a center of interesting sights. But with the advent of the beautiful marina of Porto Montenegro, its importance has grown to a premium resort.

Porto Montenegro – Picturesque Marina

Порто-Монтенегро — живописная маринаIn the past place of a modern luxury marina was a Yugoslav naval base. Today in Tivat all the conditions for a respectable vacation in Montenegro are created – an expensive and ideal yacht club, boutique hotels along the promenade, palm trees and many nice restaurants.

Buca Summer Palace – a medieval manor

Летний дворец Буча — средневековая усадьбаThe main cultural attraction of the city is located in the central part of Tivat, in Montenegro. This is a 16th-century building, built in the Renaissance style, with elements of Gothic architecture. For a long time the palace belonged to the rich family of Buca, but today it is an open gallery. Tourists can see the houses of the owners and servants, the chapel of St. Michael and the Church.

Gornja Lastva – ghost village

Горная Ластва — деревня-призрак50 years ago for unknown reasons, the small village of Gornja Lastva left its inhabitants. A quiet settlement at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level is inspected with curiosity by every tourist who arrives in Tivat. Bypassing all 25 houses, you can go to the central square, and from there admire the baroque church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

City park – green oasis of Tivat

It does not matter what the weather is like in Tivat, in Montenegro, because there is a place to hide from the heat in a large city park. On the territory of 4 hectares, the largest Botanical Garden on the Adriatic is located. Unique plants and flowers brought from various sea expeditions from many continents.

Island of Flowers – a picturesque corner

Остров цветов — живописный уголокEssentially, this is a peninsula that can be reached by bus or taxi from Tivat. Here you can spend time strolling along the lush green alleys, or sitting on a long picturesque beach. Attention is drawn to the monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael, which is easy to see on the photo – an important spiritual object of Tivat and an object of cultural heritage of Montenegro.

St Mark’s Island – Paradise Scariotti

Остров Святого Марка — райский СкариоттиThe network has many reviews of tourists about the island of St. Mark, located in the water area of Tivat in Montenegro. This is a paradise and its only attraction is the picturesque 4-kilometer beach. A quiet harbor, where there are no waves and crowds of tourists, is the best place for a quiet family vacation.

The island of Our Lady of Mercy – the abode of monks

Остров Богоматери Милосердной — обитель монаховOn the map of Tivat, the island of Our Lady of Mercy is one of the main spiritual centers of Montenegro. The picturesque land area, which was built in the XVI century by ascetic monks. On its territory there is a working convent, a beautiful gallery in the courtyard, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a chapel and a beautiful green garden.

Restaurants and Cuisine in Tivat

In the city of Tivat, in Montenegro is the cuisines of the Mediterranean and Montenegro reign. The latter is characterized by an abundance of meat dishes and a small amount of sauces. Among the national dishes that are first tasted in the city are “chorba”, sausages “chevapchichi”, chop “vjesalica”, meat cutlet “pleskavitsa”. The meat is fried exclusively on the grill. Dorada and river trout are more often prepared from fish in Tivat.

Local chefs have mastered Mediterranean cuisine thanks to their proximity to Italy. They have adopted many recipes of Italian cuisine and serve delicious dishes in local restaurants. By the way, the city has many restaurants, cafes and pizzerias where you can eat for any budget.

Tourists often spend breakfast in local coffee houses, with a fragrant cup of coffee and sweet pastries. Dine at a beach cafe or pizzeria, and dine in a good restaurant by the sea with a gorgeous view of the bay. As in other cities of Montenegro, takeaway food is popular in Tivat, the prices of which are the lowest.

Tivat Riviera beaches

Пляжи в Тивате ЧерногорияThe sights of the city are not limited to Porto Montenegro and the promenade. There are beautiful and beautifully equipped beaches. There are 17 such beaches on the Tivat Riviera, and besides them there are still cozy bays with hotels and restaurants. Tivat hotels are favorably located in the most picturesque places. Holidays in Tivat on the beach – this is an opportunity to experience the beauty of these places and perfectly tan. Even in the fall, when in many countries the temperature drops to zero, it is warm here. Here are the most famous places to stay:

-Dona Lastva Beach. This is a kilometer stretch of sand, which is located one and a half kilometers from the city center.
-Opatovo. One of the most comfortable beaches, because there is everything you need – from showers to toilets, umbrellas and secluded cafes.
-The beach at Cape Selyanovo. It is located between Tivat and the Verige Strait. The length of the plot extends to 1.7 km. The beach has a marina, parking, restaurants and bars.
-Zupa and Belane. Two small sandy sections 500 (Zupa) and 150 (Belane) meters long, spread out next to large hotels. Excellent equipped, famous for pine and cypress groves.
-Przno. This is the most famous and beautiful beach of the Tivat Riviera. It is surrounded by pine forests, olive groves. The sand on this beach is considered healing.
-Oblatno. Located on the background of a wild forest, which gives the place a special charm. Moreover, on the territory itself, everything is civilized.
-Beach on the island of Flowers. It goes around the whole island and extends for 1.2 km.

The beaches of Tivat are really beautiful, these are the natural attractions of these places. They are amazing in their naturalness.

Water sports in Tivat Riviera

Ночной Тиват ЧерногорияHolidays in Tivat also do not exclude water sports. Tivat hotels are full of divers – beginners and experienced. They come here to have a good time. Local waters are not only picturesque, like the Great Barrier Reef, but the bottom is also quite interesting. In addition, the prices in Tivat are lower, and the possibilities for divers are almost endless. After all, here you can get a license for independent diving and even become an instructor. You will have to pass a rigorous exam.

Usually dives occur in Boka Kotorska Bay, where there are many wrecks. Some of them are quite old, but most are victims of the 20th century. You can see torpedo bombers, carbohydrates. For divers who love wrecks, this is a real adventure. Ships have already chosen the local animals.

Shopping is also a vacation

After sightseeing in Tivat, relaxing on local beaches, visiting the most interesting places, you can go shopping. There are many shops for tourists. The best are located in Porto Montenegro – branded clothing is presented here, mainly from Italy.

There are many boutiques, from January to August, grand sales start here, when brand prices fall by 30-50%. This applies not only to Italian couturiers and fashion houses.

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