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Originality Montenegro is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Each time you will get only fresh impressions and discover the country from a new side.
Корпоративные туры и мероприятия в Черногории
Corporate tours and events in Montenegro

Montenegro – just a perfect place for corporate leisure and various events: receptions, business meetings, trainings. It is difficult to find a more successful alternative to standard office holidays. Corporate tours to Montenegro – it’s the spirit of adventures, new impressions, unforgettable emotions.

Организация фуршетов, обедов, ужинов для групп в Черногории
Organization of buffet receptions, lunches and dinners for groups in Montenegro

Lunches, dinners, receptions in Montenegro can be organized in any paradise of the country. The organizer also offers events on luxury yachts, in villas and in private AREAS. Participants are guaranteed privacy.

Спортивный туризм и активный отдых в Черногории - мероприятия и корпоративы
Sports tourism and active recreation in Montenegro – events and corporate

Combine an impressive vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with a useful work trip is possible as corporate tours to Montenegro. Extreme trips to natural attractions, educational excursions, relaxing holidays on board of a cruise ship. The best guides, transport, hotels and the most vivid Impressions.

Организация семинаров, конференций, конгрессов в Черногории
Organization of seminars, conferences, congresses in Montenegro

The organization of conferences and events in Montenegro is carried out comprehensively. The hotel offers shuttle service, choose the hotel or apartment, provide transport during stay in the country, prepare the site for business meetings or academic events. It is possible to organize events in nature, corporate trainings and master classes.

Excursion Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina tour

To Bosnia and Herzegovina you can safely go directly from Montenegro. One of the legendary cities is Mostar, that is visited the most. Also as part of the tour travellers will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls called Kravice. All the charm of a trip is impossible to describe by words. In Bosnia you can meet with a special atmosphere, which permanently remains with the tourists for a long time.

Tour canyons of Montenegro, the Tara and Moraca
Tour to the canyons of Montenegro

Montenegro is not only beaches, 85% of the country-mountain ranges with stunning beauty canyons. You should definitely visit the canyons of Montenegro to appreciate the most striking natural attractions of the country.

Skadar Lake – Montenegro
Tour to the Skadar lake and river Crnojevica in Montenegro

Skadar lake is the pearl of Montenegro, home of 40 species of fish and 264 species of birds. The lake meets birds from Siberia, Africa AND Europe. Some birds are listed in the red book and considered as very rare. Tourists can enjoy the lake, wildlife photography. the eco-tourism here is very popular too. Near the lake is the village of Virpazar and the border with Albania.

rafting in the green canyon
Rafting and Piva Lake Montenegro

Rafting and visit to Pivsko lake is an opportunity to organize active rest and spend your time great. The lovers of rafting can arrange it in the summer, when the weather is favorable.

The island of Gospa od Skrpjela, Kotor Bay, Montenegro.
Tour to Kotor and Perast Montenegro

Kotor and Perast in Montenegro are famous medieval cities. They conquer tourists with their architecture and sights. The cities are very picturesque

Экскурсия вечерняя Будва и Котор Черногория
Evening tour of Budva and Kotor

Old cities Budva and Kotor are full of historical attractions. During the tour you can walk along the streets of both cities. You can take a lot of photos and selfies too. In the evening these cities are becoming extremely romantic. While walking you can see many beautiful temples, palaces and castles.

Lovcen Mountains National park at sunset in Montenegro
Tour to the National Park Lovcen (Mini Montenegro tour)

Mini-Montenegro tour begins with Budva, where tourists can see not only the coast. Tour passes through the cetinje monastery, mount Lovcen, village njegusi and famous 25 serpantines.

Sunny mountain landscape of Lovcen national park, Dinaric Alps,
Tour Maxi-Montenegro to Lovcen National Park

Excursion Maxi Montenegro begins from Budva – the tourists may enjoy the beauty of the Montenegrin coast. Tour passes through Lovcen and Njegusi on mountain serpantins.

Panoramic view of Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan) island in Adriatic sea, Montenegro
Tour to Budva and Sveti Stefan island

Budva and Sveti Stefan are business cards of Montenegro. Here are the best sandy beaches, the beauty of Budva Riviera, historical buildings and cultural attractions. The tour begins with a walk through Old Budva where all medieval buildings are concentrated, including old houses, temples and churches.

Экскурсия Гранд Каньоны
Tour to Grand Canyons

The Grand canyon tour is one of the longest and most interesting. It introduces tourists with the natural attractions of Montenegro and national parks of the country.

Tour to Croatia (Dubrovnik)

Dubrovnik is one of the best cities of Croatia, which has preserved the fortress walls, old buildings and cultural attractions. You can find many typical houses with red tile roofs here. During the trip, tourists will visit local temples and monasteries and also enjoy the Dubrovnik riviera, where there are many beautiful villas and old houses.

Tour to Albania

You can go to Albania from Montenegro without applying for an additional visa. Tourists will be SHOWN Skadar-the old Albanian city. There is a tourist street with old buildings. The Albanian part of the famous Skadar nature reserve is nearby. After Shkoder tourists will be brought to Tirana-the capital of the country, which is beautiful in its own way.

Beautiful Montenegro
Tour of Beautiful Montenegro

In Montenegro there are many interesting places to see during one tour. Vacationers will reveal the treasures of the bay: Herceg Novi, Perast and Kotor. They will also visit Porto Montenegro, Budva and old Bar. The beauty of Budva riviera can only be assessed in person. visitors are welcome to walk through the old streets of the medieval towns of Montenegro.

Экскурсия в старый Бар и Улцинь
Tour to the Old Bar and Sveti Stefan island

Getting to know the old towns of Bar and Sveti Stefan island will give tourists an unforgettable experience. These are historical cities that have preserved a special atmosphere. Here you can see old buildings that have been perfectly preserved and have survived to the present day.

Экскурсия Open Balkans: откройте Балканы с опытными гидами
Open Balkans tour: discover the Balkans with experienced guides

Open Balkans is an opportunity to appreciate the historical heritage of the balkan countries and see the unique untouched corners of nature. In Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania you can find many medieval cities with a special atmosphere. Some of the monuments of culture and natural attractions have been recognised by UNESCO. Today they are protected by the coutry laws.

View of the historic centre of Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo

Tour with a visit to Sarajevo, involves a trip through the beautiful bay of Kotor, Trebinje, walking tour to Mostar attractions. In Sarajevo, the capital of the country there are many old bridges famous with their history. Here are the east and west that are connected in one with the mix of contrasts and distinctions. The road back passes through the Piva lake that is an artificial lake in Montenegro.

Ostrog monastery in Montenegro. The unique monastery in the rock
Tour to the Ostrog and Cetinje monastery

The main holy places of Montenegro could be considered Cetinje monastery and the monastery of Ostrog. Cetinje is the old capital of the country and Ostrog monastery is even more impressive. It was founded by saint basil of Ostrog. With this monastery there are many stories speaking about miracles. The building miraculously survived during the second world war. In the rock near the monastery there is vine growing straight from the rock.

Требинье Босния
Tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje)

Tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje) from Montenegro opens the beauty of the neighboring country with a long history. Here vacationers will see the cultural monuments of the state and natural sites, try the legendary wine in Trebinje.

Экскурсия по Бока-Которской бухте Черногории
Tour to Boka Kotor Bay Montenegro

Tour to the Bay of Kotor is an opportunity to visit the bright Montenegrin cities with a long history. Tourists leave their hearts here and then return to these parts for new experiences. during the tour the guide shows the legendary treasure of the bay: churches of Kotor, a narrow steep stairways of Herceg Novi, Tivat palaces, man-made island with the temple.

Summer beach with chairs and umbrellas in Montenegro
Tour to the coast of Montenegro (Montenegrin Copacabana)

Tour to the coast of Montenegro is an opportunity to see the beauty of three riviera: Budva, Bar and Ulcinj. Tourists will visit the best beaches of the country, appreciate the charm of Ada Bojana, walk among the ruins of the Old Bar. There will be time for shopping – in the new Bar there are many boutiques. Despite the length of the tour, no one will get tired.

Тур по Черногории
Montenegro tour - all of Montenegro in five days

During the tour in Montenegro for five days, tourists will have time to see the main attractions of Montenegro. The tour will take place in stages through national parks (Durmitor, Lovcen, Skadar lake), canyons, famous cities: Kotor, Perast, Budva, Negushi, Cetinje. You can plunge into the local glacial lakes, walk in the mountains, see the most interesting shrines.

Экскурсия Гранд Каньоны и Рафтинг в Черногории - 2 дня
Tour The Grand Canyons

Excursion to canyons and rafting for 2 days in Montenegro takes place among the picturesque mountainous terrain. During the two days of the tour, travelers will see the most interesting places of the country. During the tour, they will also make rafting on the Tara river. Equipment is provided.

Экскурсия тур на каньоны в горы Черногории с ночевкой (2 дня)
Montenegro mountain tour with overnight stay (2 days)

Excursion to Montenegro for two days with an overnight stay in the mountains passes through the most interesting places. The waypoints of the route were chosen very carefully by the guide. During the tour, travelers will be shown almost the entire Durmitor with its legendary lake. Also, tourists will be taken to the canyons so that they can personally appreciate their beauty. At the end of the first day of the trip the group will spend the night in the picturesque mountains.

Panoramic view of Kotor bay, Montegro
Sightseeing tour around Montenegro

Sightseeing tour of Montenegro passes through such places as Skadar lake, Lovcen, Kotor, Ostrog. Tourists look into the most beautiful corners of Montenegro, inspect ancient buildings and visit legendary temples. During this tour, it’s like you’re touching something wonderful.

Budva Old Town from the Citadel with the Holy Trinity church and Adriatic Sea in the background in Montenegro, Balkans
Budva tour - secrets of the Old town

A tour of the old town of Budva will be of interest to all travelers. Tourists will discover Montenegro from the other side. Many years ago, instead of the popular tourist Budva there was another city with temples, wells, monuments of archaic architecture. Its history began many centuries ago – in the illyrian period, when Europe did not exist.

Четыре святыни Черногории: монастыри Цетине - Подгорица - Пива - Острог
Tour of the monasteries of Cetinje - Podgorica - Piva - Ostrog

Four shrines of Montenegro were built at different times. Some arose in a difficult period for the country, when Montenegro was under the rule of the ottomans, others completed the construction only in the xxi century. The newest object is the cathedral in Podgorica, which was completed only in 2013. Today it strikes the imagination with its majesty.

Tour to the cities of Perast, Kotor, Budva and Sveti Stefan

Take an unforgettable trip to the ancient cities of Montenegro as part of a fascinating tour to Budva, Perast, Kotor and Sveti Stefan, from the travel agency “OPEN BALKANS”. An experienced guide will tell you all about the origin of cities, culture and traditions of local residents. You will see the most beautiful bays and picturesque places of Montenegro, historical architectural monuments of antiquity.

Экскурсия Open Balkans: откройте Балканы с опытными гидами
Boko Kotor fjord tour, old Kotor, Lovcen national Park

Take an unforgettable trip to the heart of Montenegro, as part of an tour to Kotor and Lovcen. Walking through the ancient city of Kotor, you will visit the most beautiful Boko-Kotor fjord, which has no analogues in Europe. Then, go up the dizzying serpentine to the top of mount Lovcen and find yourself in a picturesque national park. An experienced guide will tell you all about the origin of the city and the legends associated with natural attractions.

Экскурсия гастрономический тур - Устричная ферма. Пераст, Котор, Тиват
Tour to gastronomic tour

Go on an exciting trip to Perast, Kotor, Tivat and Porto Montenegro, with the tour operator “Open Balkans”. Feel the spirit of ancient architecture and enjoy the pristine nature of Montenegro, as part of a day trip. You will find a gastronomic tour to the famous Montenegrin oyster farm with the freshest seafood of the Adriatic sea, as well as a wine tour with a tasting of the best wine prepared in Montenegro.

Экскурсия в Старый Котор Черногория
Tour of the Old Kotor, Montenegro

During the tour to the old town of Kotor in Montenegro, tourists can admire the local temples, churches, square. Old streets keep the spirit of the past, while walking tourists seem to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the middle ages. The architecture of the old town is eastern and european. Despite the different influences, the buildings look great together.

Tour of canyoning in the Nevidio Canyon

A walking tour of the Nevidio canyon accompanied by an experienced guide will give you a lot of emotions and a delicious sense of unity with nature. Elements of mountaineering, jumping into a natural pool from a height of several meters, overcoming sections of the route by swimming or wading – all this will make you feel alive and full of energy!

Экскурсия в национальный парк Проклетие - черногорские Альпы
Tour to Prokletije National Park

The nature of the national park is somehow reminding of the alps — this is the local Switzerland. There are no too many people and more endemic plants. The mountain panorama will impress even the most sophisticated traveler who has seen a lot. It is worth taking a camera with you — the pictures will be bright, and the impressions will be unforgettable.

Экскурсия морская по Бока-Которской бухте

Одна из самых ярких морских экскурсий в Черногории – тур в Бока-Которскую бухту. Отдыхающих ждет незабываемое путешествие, они смогут оценить природные красоты страны и ее уникальные города. Города залива отличаются […]

Excursion to Durmitor

Excursion to Durmitor – it is an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful national parks of Montenegro. Durmitor has been included in the unesco list since 1980 – it is a place of unique beauty. The park is known for its fir-spruce forest, glacial lakes and mountain peaks, springs and caves. A special route with beautiful views has been developed for tourists. They will see the best northern cities of Montenegro and see the most interesting sights of Durmitor.

Organization of excursions for groups in Montenegro
Excursions for organized groups and corporate parties abroad leave unforgettable impressions. Instead of the costs associated with the preparation of the holiday in your hometown it is better to send your employees on a trip. Features of group trips of this kind is that they are planned as individual.
Excursions for groups in Montenegro
Excursions for large groups and corporate parties can be made more interesting and rich. To do this, you need to choose your own route, determine the key points on the way and agree with the guide. The guide will accompany tourists from the starting point to the end of the road. As a rule group tours in Montenegro begin from Budva.
Adventages of the individual routes

the route is maximally adapted to the interests of tourists;
travelers themselves choose the start time, how much they will spend in a particular place, usage of extreme sports and adventures and what entertainment will be available at all.
the guide simply monitors the safety, he understands that the route is already pre-scheduled;
by the request of customers we can make any changes.

Why do you need a guide if you can take a car and go around the country drive to many interesting places? This is the most common question. There are several reasons to take a guide:

your guide will show the most interesting places;
the guide will help you not to get lost;
as a part of an organized tour, tourists are insured against accidents;
in an extreme situation, travelers can count on help;
the guide will warn you about the danger and tell you what not to do;
to some places you can only get on the tour.

Solid and interesting vacation
It is enough to buy a group tour to Montenegro to provide a decent rest to colleagues, subordinates or business partners. The size of the group will be different in each case. However, tourists still need a guide. The benefits of such a holiday are huge. Travelers will be able to relax in the unique places untouched by civilization , at wild corners of the country . They will get a charge of vivacity and a lot of new experiences.
Travelers can organize fishing or other type of recreation — it all depends on the interests. Fans of extreme sports will be available for extreme recreation such as rafting. The country has ski resorts that open in winter. Local resorts have European status and meet strict standards.
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Our Agency annually organizes corporate and business tours for clients. Every year we conduct dozens of such excursions, fully focusing on the wishes of customers. The Agency's clients are such large companies as Toyota, IBM, Citroen. Some organizations regularly use the services of our guides — they trust to the Agency's specialists.
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